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Jasmine Tookes Parents : Sean Tookes, Cary Robinson, Siblings

Image of Jasmine Tookes

Jasmine Tookes is a famous Victoria’s Secret model. With her gorgeous features, tall height, and charismatic smile, she charmed high-end brands in the fashion world.

It helped Jasmine achieve her modeling career and motivated her with the pressuring industry. She was born in Germany and then migrated to the United States for more job opportunities for her mother.

The model is very close to her mother: Cary Robinson. Her father, Sean Tookes, is not close to her since she has a broken family.

Nevertheless, Jasmine remained working in the modeling industry for her mom and the future of her career.

To know more details about the Victoria’s Secret model’s parents’ love life and other siblings, continue to read the article below.

Jasmine Tookes Parents’ Love Life

Image of Jasmine Tookes
Jasmine Tookes, a Victoria’s Secret Model

Cary Robinson and Sean Tookes met in Germany. Their love story is entirely random. They only met in a specific country, Cary was living in Germany for years already, and according to reports, Sean stayed in Germany for a disclosed business.

It is still unknown whether the couple legitimately held a wedding.

After knowing that Cary is pregnant with her first child, Jasmine, the couple immediately decided to migrate to the US and start a new life there. They settled in Huntington beach. However, the family of three at that time had several problems.

The couple Cary and Sean left no choice but to separate. Eventually, Cary took care of Jasmine and raised her single mother.

Jasmine Tookes’ Mother: Cary Robinson

Image of Jasmine Tookes with her mother, Cary Anderson
Jasmine Tookes with her mother, Cary Anderson

Cary Robinson is a proud mother of Jasmine Tookes, a world-renowned model of Victoria’s Secret and other high-end brands internationally. Cary was born in 1973, and her specific birth date is unknown.

The single mom originally lived in Germany and met her husband there, Sean Tookes. After migrating to the US, she worked as a stylist to famous Hollywood stars like Roselyn Sanchez and Josephine Skriver.

With her success in her field, her marriage went downhill. After her divorce from Sean Tookes, Jasmine’s mother took care of Jasmine and raised her as a single mother.

Jasmine Tookes’ Father: Sean Tookes

Details about Sean Tookes are still unclear to the public. But according to reliable sources, he’s a son of Luther Tookes, an ex-military man. As a young man, he already dreamt of being a musician.

31 years old model’s father just graduated from high school with unknown birth dates and ages. He is not close with Jasmine.

However, it did not happen for several personal reasons. After the divorce from her first wife, the connection between him and his daughter Jasmine is wholly gone.

Sean now has a new family with three younger kids: Chloe, Sean, Jacqueline, stepsisters, and stepbrothers to Jasmine.

Tookes’ Siblings


Jasmine Tookes is the eldest among the four children that his father has.

She’s the only child of both Sean and Cary. Her siblings are all from another family from her father, Sean.

Her siblings are Chloe Danielle, born on October 20, 2009. She is currently pursuing modeling like her eldest sister.

Chloe already appeared in a J. Crew advertisement, has 30 thousand followers on IG, and loves to spend her time in horse riding and gymnastics.

And lastly, the youngest of the siblings, Jacqueline, is still a pupil and dreams of being a model like her sister. However, they don’t communicate as often as Chloe.

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