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Jason Kidd Parents: Steve and Anne Kidd

Jason Kidd Parents, Steve and Anne Kidd

Jason Frederick Kidd is a famous American basketball coach. He first started his career as a basketball player and used to play for Dallas Mavericks, Phoenix Suns, New Jersey Nets, and New York Knicks.

Afterward, he ventured into becoming a basketball coach for Brooklyn Nets, Milwaukee Bucks, and Los Angeles Lakers, where he served as an assistant coach.

Currently, he is the coach for Dallas Mavericks. Jason has won several awards as a player, such as NBA Championship, NBA All-Star, NCAA Season Assists Leader, and USA Basketball Male Athlete of the Year.

Jason has been married twice, his first wife was Joumana Kidd, but they divorced in 2007. He eventually got married to Porschla Coleman in 2011.

Now meet his parents and siblings in this article we have for you. 

Jason Kidd’s Parents’ Love Life

Not much has been revealed about the love life of Jason’s parents. However, they had an interracial marriage since Anne was Irish and Steve was African. They were both blessed with three beautiful kids, a son, and two daughters.

Their relationship seemed to go on for some time, but they later decided to divorce. Despite the divorce, both parents still supported their kids and never let their separation destroy their relationship with them.

Sadly, Steve passed away in 1999, leaving behind his ex-wife and their three kids.

Jason Kidd with his father, Steve Kidd
Jason Kidd with his father, Steve Kidd

Jason Kidd Mother Anne Kidd Biography

Anne Kidd was a former computer programmer at the Bank of America. Her birth details are not available to the public. However, she has an American nationality with an Irish-American ethnic background.

Anne was married to Steve, and they had three kids together. Unfortunately, their relationship took a turn of events, and they separated.

The two still showed combined support and effort towards their children’s upbringing. Anne is a significant fan of Jason’s career choice.

She always loved to see him play, and that is why she was utterly shocked and confused on why he retired as a player to become a basketball coach instead.

Anne always believed in her kids and continues to do so. There is no new information on whether she got married a second time.

Jason Kidd Father Steve Kidd Biography

Steve Frederick Kidd was a former American employee at Trans World Airlines. He was born around 1938, but his birthplace has not been confirmed since his information has not been fully available to the public.

Steve had an American nationality and was from an African-American ethnic background. He got married to the love of his life, and they were blessed with three kids.

Steve showed a lot of support and love to his children. Due to his place of work, he was fortunate enough to be flying around in different countries, so he attended most of Jason’s basketball games.

Unfortunately, Steve succumbed to a heart attack in May 1999 while living in California.

This series of unfortunate events made Jason break down emotionally, such that he became aggressive during a game he was competing at the time he received the news.

His father was his greatest supporter and would remain so despite his absence on earth.

Jason Kidd’s Siblings

Jason was brought up with two other siblings, namely Kim Kidd and Denise Kidd. Not much information has been given concerning his siblings.

jason kidd siblings
Jason Kidd has two sisters, namely Kim Kidd and Denise Kidd

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