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Jason Taylor Parents : Anthony Taylor, Georgia Taylor, Siblings

Image of Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor is a famous NFL superstar born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His birth date was on September 1, 1974. He pursued football in Woodland Hills High School and at the University of Akron at a young age.

It helped him gain more experience and exposure to the sport. He spent most of his career in the Miami Dolphins and joined all other Hall of Famers in 2017.

Many wonder about the player’s more detailed life, especially his parents. According to reports, he is the son of Anthony Taylor and Georgia Taylor.

At first, their family was close, and their bond was inseparable; however, Jason’s financial and career effects on the family affected his parents’ marriage.

To know more about the details about the NFL superstar’s parents’ love life and biography, continue to read the article below.

Jason Taylor’s Parents’ Love life

Image of Jason Taylor during his game
Jason Taylor during his game

Many have speculated that Jason Taylor’s parents: Georgia and Anthony, support their son’s career. Jason has been working with the Miami Dolphins for several years already.

In the earlier years of Jason’s career, he signed a four-year contract to the Miami Dolphins with 1.3 million in dollars for his salary. As parents, they only supported Jason throughout his sporting career.

More so, after years of getting married, with three kids, they decided to file for a divorce.

Researchers have gathered that there are personality issues between Anthony and Jason. There is even a financial brawl among the family. Details about Jason Taylor’s parents’ love life and how long they married are still known.

Jason Taylor Mother: Georgia Taylor

Image of Jason Taylor's sister, Joy Taylor, with their mother, Georgia Taylor
Jason Taylor’s sister, Joy Taylor, with their mother, Georgia Taylor

Georgia Taylor is a loving and supportive mother of the NFL superstar, Jason Taylor. He is known for being close with his mother, protective, and taking care of her when he takes occasional breaks from football.

Personal details about Georgia, like birth, occupation, and early childhood, are unknown. However, in 2002, Georgia filed a divorce case against her husband, who is abusive towards the family.

Jason Taylor father: Anthony Taylor

Like Georgia, there are no details about Anthony.

What can only be gathered with Jason Taylor’s father is that in 2002, the NFL superstar filed a lawsuit against his father, Anthony, for
being violent and causing wrong allegations against him.

In Anthony’s defense, his son assaulted him with firearms in his (son) home. He initially wanted to seek custody of his three children, but he wasn’t successful.

Money allegations also took rise in the lawsuit filed against Anthony. There are no confirmations if the allegations are true. However, the father of three is unsuccessful in filling all those lawsuits against his wife and children.

Jason Taylor Siblings


Forty-seven years old footballer has two siblings: Joy Taylor and Noah Taylor. Joy, the only sister, is famous for being a news anchor on Fox Sports 1; she covered The Herd with Colin Cowherd.

She was engaged to a former NBA point guard and head coach, Earl Watson. However, in 2019, the couple reportedly split. His brother, Noah, has been quiet about the issues that surround his family.

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