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Jay-Z Parents: Gloria Carter, Adnis Reeves, Siblings

Image of America song writter and rapper Jay z

Shawn Corey Carter, also known as Jay-Z, is famous for being a talented rapper, businessman, record executive, and songwriter. People labeled him as one of the rappers in history, which greatly influenced hip-hop.

He was born in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, United States, on December 4, 1969. With his great success, he was also dubbed one of the world’s greatest artists with a high album sales record.

If you want to know more about the details of Jay-Z’s parents, read this article because we have all the information you need regarding the Wikipedia-type biography, names, and love life of Jay-Z’s mother, father, and siblings.

Jay-Z’s Parents’ Love Life

More details about the love history of the rapper’s parents were not revealed on social media platforms.

When Jay-Z was only eleven years old, they were abandoned by his father, and ever since, no details have been released about him. The only information we got is that they have been together for 13 years.

We will try to find more information about his father and update this article whenever available information regarding the businessman’s parent’s love life.

Jay-Z’s mother, Gloria Carter

Image of Jay-z, producer and record executive
Jay-z, producer and record executive

Gloria Carter did not depend on his famous son so much as she was independent, raised her children, and had her career.

However, when her husband abandoned them, she would sometimes take extra jobs like being a security guard to pay for their electricity and water bills.

Gloria revealed in an interview that she identified as a lesbian, and her four children became emotional while hearing the truth about her gender.

She worked from being a clerk to an investment analyst. Despite the rapper’s success, Gloria did not want to stop working, and her children had to arrange a meeting to talk about retirement.

Jay-Z’s Father, Adnis Reeves

Image of Jay-z, considered as the most influential Hip-Hop artist in history
Jay-z is considered the most influential Hip-Hop artist in history

Adnis Reeves abandoned his family when Jay-Z was only eleven years old, and this is a situation that no family wants to experience.

There was not much information about the record executive’s father, but it was said that he died on June 19, 2003.

Indeed, it was a tragic event for tha rapper’s life as he met his father for only three months, then Adnis passed away.

Jay-Z’s Siblings

Jay-Z has three siblings, Michelle Carter, Eric Carter, and Andrea Carter. Eric is the only brother of the rapper, and he is older than him.

The brothers had a conflict as Eric stole jewelry from the recording artist.

As years go by, Eric is still struggling with drug addiction. Moreover, there were no details about the rapper’s other siblings.

If our team finds more information about his siblings, we will update this article.

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