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Jayson Tatum’s Parents: Brandy Cole-Barnes, Justin Tatum, and Siblings.

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Jayson Tatum’s Parents Brandy Cole Barnes, Justin Tatum, and Siblings

Jayson Tatum is best known for being NBA’s American professional basketball player for Boston Celtics. He was recognized for his great moves in basketball at the age of 23, making him one of the youngest basketball players in the NBA.

Behind his success at a young age, Jayson Tatum walked through difficult obstacles in life. Continue reading the rest of the articles to know more about Jayson Tatum’s parents, Brandy Cole-Barnes and Justin Tatum, siblings, and the story of his family.

Jayson Tatum’s Parents Love Life

Jayson Tatum’s parents, Brandy Cole and Justin Tatum, were high school sweethearts. They had been together for several years in their high school until the couple found out that they were pregnant. Unfortunately, Justin has to leave the country for his basketball matches overseas for several years. He just focused on the opportunity and left Brandy with all the burden.

When Justin Tatum returned from his basketball match overseas, they decided to co-parent Jayson and live in their separable ways. Brandy has been taking care of Jayson until now, and Justin has coached him in basketball since he was a child.

Jayson Tatum’s Father Justin Tatum Biography

Justin Tatum is Jayson Tatum’s biological father. He teaches physical education and coaches basketball at Christian Brothers College High School (CBC).

His name became famous in the basketball community when his son, Jayson, described him as a strict parent. He experienced terrible treatment from Justin while training at his younger age, making him almost quit playing basketball. Despite that, Jayson excels from a bad experience with his father, and he is grateful for that.

Jayson Tatum with his father, Justin Tatum

Jayson Tatum with his father, Justin Tatum

Justin Tatum is currently living with his wife, Ann Cole, for more than a decade now with their children. Even if he got a family on his own, Justin still supports his son in his sports industry career.

Jayson Tatum’s Mother Brandy Cole-Barnes Biography

Brandy Cole-Barnes is currently a rehearsing lawyer. During her High School, she also contributed to her school’s sports community as a volleyball player for four years.

Brandy received an athletic scholarship to a college in Tennessee as she graduated high school. But it seems she didn’t pursue it when Brandy found out that she was pregnant with Jayson when she was 19. She decided to become a full-time mother to sustain her son’s physical and mental needs without the presence of his father, Justin.

After almost two decades of supporting her child alone, Brandy Cole earned her degree in Law from St. Louis University School of Law. She is currently married to Jake Barnes, but it won’t stop her from being Jayson’s mother.

Jayson Tatum smiling with his mother, Brandy Cole Barnes

Jayson Tatum smiling with his mother, Brandy Cole Barnes

Jayson Tatum’s Siblings

Jayson Tatum’s parents are in separate ways now, but his mother is still taking care of him. He is still enjoying his mother’s love alone. Meanwhile, he has two younger siblings on his father, Jaycob and Kayden Marie Tatum.

Jaycob Tatum is almost a decade younger than Jayson. He is currently 16 years old. Like his older brother, Jaycob excels at being a football player in High School. Sadly, the brothers aren’t closed enough as brothers because Jaycob grew up without the presence of Jayson.

Jayson Tatum's brother, Jaycob Tatum

Jayson Tatum’s brother, Jaycob Tatum

On the bright side, Jayson Tatum’s youngest sibling, Kayden Marie Tatum, is currently seven years old and has a tremendous sibling relationship with his older brother, Jayson. Unlike Jaycob, Kayden comfortably greets Jayson or shares photos with him on her Instagram account.

Jayson Tatum's small sister, Kayden Marie

Jayson Tatum’s minor sister, Kayden Marie

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