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Jaz Sinclair Parents : Dominique Rochelle Sabino, Siblings

Image of Jaz Sinclair for Cosmopolitan

Jaz Sinclair is a rising actress born on July 22, 1994. Her full name is Jasmine Sinclair Sabino. The actress got her fame for portraying several roles in famous movies like Slender Man, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and Paper Towns.

The actress grew up close with her mother, Dominique Rochelle Sabino. However, even if her father is unidentified, the actress remains close to her parents and only sibling.

She worked hard not just for her own but also to sustain the needs of her family. As a child, she did not solely grow up with her parents; Jaz and her younger sister spent most of their time with their grandparents.

Her grandparents raised Jaz most of her childhood years, and she proudly shares some throwback photos in her Instagram account.

To know more details about Jaz Sinclair’s parents’ love life and biography, continue to read the article below.

Jaz Sinclair’s Parents’ Love life


Jaz Sinclair’s identified parent is Dominique Rochelle Sabino. Her father’s details, even his name, are not known.

The actress did not even leave a little bit of clue who might be his father, but both of her parents spent their time trying to raise both the actress and her only sibling with excellent manners and established values.

Her grandparents, who she candidly shared their photos on Instagram, proudly told the world that they are Jazz’s most influential people in her life. Without her grandparents, she will not be as strong-willed and dedicated to her career.

Furthermore, details about the thriller actress’s parents, where they got married, met, and how their marriage is unknown.

Jaz Sinclair Mother : Dominique Rochelle Sabino

Dominique Rochelle Sabino is an Italian-Irish mother of Jaz Sinclair.

She is relatively close to her firstborn, she taught her the basics of life, and with the help of Dominique’s parents, they raised Jaz into a well-mannered, respectful, and humble actress that a lot of her Jaz’s co-star witness.

Jaz also wants her family to remain out of the limelight to avoid safety issues and irrelevant gossip. Further details about the actress’s mother, like birth, career, and simple biography, are not disclosed.

Jaz Sinclair’s Father: Unknown

Image of Jaz Sinclair with her father

Jaz Sinclair with her father

There are rumors that Jaz Sinclair is not close with her father, but she and her father are on good terms, according to the actress.

The only information that the researchers gathered is e came of African-American descent.

Sinclair’s siblings


Jaz Sinclair has been vocal regarding the protection and privacy of her family. She insisted that her parents, including her younger sister, remain anonymous to the public.

However, the actress posted a slight hint about how her sister and her treat each other.

During International Siblings Day, she said in her post that the actress is beyond grateful for her sister, and she knows that her sister will get mad for posting pictures of them being kids on Halloween.

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