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Jennifer Beals Parents : Alfred Beals, Jeanne Anderson, Siblings

Image of Jennifer Beals

The actress Jennifer Beals, known for her romantic drama Flashdrive, is a movie in the 80s. She was born and raised in the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. She immediately learned how to work and earn to help her family.

At 9, her father, Alfred Beals, died due to overwork. Her mother, Jeanne Anderson, sustained the family’s needs and later got into another marriage for her second husband.

Jennifer has two siblings who are both men: Gregory and Bobby. The struggle she experienced during her acting career is life-changing to her, she even survived bullies in the industry, and her father helped her build a great mindset against bullying.

Her mother, Jeanne, remained her strongest pillar with her job, and it also helped her cope with the pressure of the industry.

Read the article below to know more details about Jennifer Beals’ parents’ love life and biography.

Jennifer Beals Parents’ Love Life


Flashdance star, Jennifer Beals grew up in a modest home; her father, Alfred, was a hard worker, while her mother, Jeane, is also busy in her teaching career.

Nevertheless, even if both parents are busy with their respective jobs, they teach their children the value of manners and being kind towards the community.

The couple or even the actress hasn’t shared any information about how the marriage progressed through the years. We cannot certainly tell how Jeanne and Alfred met but what’s promisingly true is that they both shared dedication to the family.

Jennifer Beals’ Mother: Jeanne Anderson Bio

image of Jennifer Beals with her parents, Jeanne Anderson and Alfred Beals
Jennifer Beals with her parents, Jeanne Anderson and Alfred Beals

Jeanne Anderson is an Irish-American. She worked as an elementary teacher in their city. Jennifer Beals’ mother is a supportive parent. She never doubted her child’s potential in acting.

Personal details about Jennifer’s mother are unknown; however, the only information researchers gathered is that he married an African-American man, Alfred Beals.

They loved each other dearly and helped each other to sustain their family. The single mother even pushed Jennifer to pursue the arts.

Years later, when Jennifer was nine years old, Jeanne was widowed. Eventually, she again remarried a nephrologist named Edward Cohen.

Jennifer Beals’ Father: Alfred Beals Bio

Just like Jeanne, there are no personal details about Alfred Beals.

However, according to the actress, her father is one of her greatest inspirations in life, for he showed her how hard work will achieve dreams. Alfred is an African-American who owned grocery stores.

He was the family’s breadwinner and worked continuously to provide for his family. Later on, due to overwork, he died when Jennifer was only nine years old.


In Jennifer Beals’ family, she has two siblings, and both are already professionals in their field. Her siblings’ names are Gregory and Bobby Beals.

There are no known personal details about the siblings. However, Gregory has been a journalist, humanitarian and political analyst for 16 years.

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