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Jennifer Brady Parents: Elizabeth Brady, Patrick Brady, Siblings

Image of Jennifer Brady

The young professional tennis player made a name for herself in sports. Born in Harrisburg, the iconic athlete learned how to play tennis when she was only seven years old.

Then in 2010, she began her career when she participated in the International Tennis Federation Circuit in the United States. Then, she played professionally every year until the present.

Additionally, she is a right-handed tennis player who is 1.78 meters in height. Also, Jennifer attended UCLA in California for college.

So, who are the parents of this firm and talented woman? Read more about Jennifer Brady’s parents, Elizabeth and Patrick, here.

Jennifer Brady’s Love Story

Image of Jennifer Brady
Jennifer Brady is an American professional tennis player.

Sadly, there is no public information about the love story of Elizabeth Brady and Patrick Brady.

Moreover, this is probably because they like to stay out of the limelight and keep a low profile. But we do know that Elizabeth and Patrick love their daughters and are very proud of them.

Jennifer Brady’s Mother, Elizabeth Brady

Jennifer’s mother is named Elizabeth Brady, and she raised her daughter in the United States. Also, Elizabeth gave birth to her daughter on April 12, and she is now 26 years old.

Additionally, Jennifer and her mother share the same name. This is because she got her second name from her mother.

Also, Elizabeth Brady is supportive of her daughter’s tennis career. After a match, Jennifer gave an interview in 2020.

So, she said, “Actually, today was the first time I FaceTimed my mom, and she started bawling… She’s very proud of me.”

So, we can see that Jennifer and her mother are very close and care for each other a lot.

Jennifer Brady’s Father, Patrick Brady

Jennifer Brady’s father is named Patrick Brady, and he is an American citizen who lives in the United States. But there is not much information on Jennifer’s father.

Moreover, Patrick is very supportive of his daughter’s career. Hence, this was seen during the Australian tennis competition two years ago.

It is common practice to write on the camera’s glass after the tennis match.

Furthermore, a part of what she wrote said, “Hi Dad. See you in the next round.” So this shows that Jennifer Brady and her father are on good terms.

Jennifer Brady’s Sibling, Jessica

Jennifer has one sibling. Her sister is named Jessica Brady. Additionally, Jennifer and Jessica are twin sisters.

Jennifer Brady’s Wikipedia – info

NameJennifer Elizabeth Brady
Age26 years old (as of 2022)
OccupationProfessional Tennis Player

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