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Jennifer Garner Parents: Patrica Ann Garner, William John Garner, Siblings

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Jennifer Garner Parents, Patrica Ann Garner, William John Garner, Siblings

When it comes to romantic comedy movies, Jennifer Garner is linked with the genre. However, she is an actress capable of acting different characters—even nailing it, if we say so!

The star most definitely has strong support behind her—the endless cheers led by Patricia Ann and William John Garner, her parents. Why not browse this page for more info about Garner’s parents and find out if she has siblings.

“Jennifer Garner” Parents Love Life

No doubt, her parents influenced Jennifer’s loving personality. Their love story is something everyone is curious about. Unfortunately, their relationship has not been made public.

However, they’re happy with one another. Moreover, Garner’s parents are very supportive of all their children.

Jennifer Garner Father William John Garner bio

William John Garner, nicknamed ‘Billy Jack’, is the actress’ father. He is the son of Exie Mae and George Floyd Garner.

However, his parents divorced when he was younger. Therefore, he has a stepmother named Thelma Quincy Garner.

Jennifer Garner with her father, William John Garner

Jennifer Garner with her father, William John Garner

Before retirement, he was working for Union Carbide as a chemical engineer. His career required him to transfer to different places. Thus, his family was constantly moving homes.

Presently, he is living in Oklahoma with his wife.

Jennifer’s Mother, Patricia Ann Garner Biography.

Jennifer’s mother was born Patricia Ann English. She was born around the 1930s to Violet Margaret Sayre and Harvey Newton English. In 1936, she moved to Oklahoma. Thus, growing up on Locust Grove Farm.

Moreover, she has two siblings. The oldest is her brother, Robert English. And the youngest is Doris Ellen English Quasny, her sister.

She is a retired teacher of the English subject. Recently, she made appearances on Garner’s Instagram.

Jennifer Anee Garner with his mother, Patricia Ann Garner

Jennifer Anne Garner with her mother, Patricia Ann Garner

Jennifer Garner’s Siblings

We might have thought that Jennifer has a twin at one point. However, it’s likely one of her sisters. Moreover, they’re starting to look too alike because of their closeness.

The eldest is Melissa Garner Wylie. She was born in 1969 on February 5, in Texas.

Accordingly, her profile in LinkedIn said she attended Davidson College. She also attended Vanderbilt University for her master’s. Therefore, having dual degrees in English and Marketing.

She is currently a director and adviser for John Hancock NPS. Additionally, she is an experienced brand manager. In addition, she is married and has a son named Jack.

The youngest Garner is Susannah Kay Carpenter. She was born in West Virginia on the 24th of January, 1975.

Susannah is also married and has a daughter, Emma.

Jennifer Garner looking happy with her sisters

Jennifer Garner with her sisters, Melissa Garner Wylie and Susannah Kay Carpenter

Quick Facts

Full Name Jennifer Anne Garner
Birthdate April 17, 1972
Age (2022) 49 years old
Birthplace Houston, Texas, United States
Profession Actress

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