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Jermaine Fowler Parents: Jerome Sr, Marsha, Siblings

Image of Jermaine Fowler

Jermaine Fowler is an American comedian, actor, and writer. He starred in the 2021 comedy film, Coming 2 America, which he claims to be the turning point of his career. Fowler also became the executive producer and one of the main cast of the hit television series Superior Donuts (2017).

The comedian started his career in 2012, performing skits at comedy clubs.

There, he was discovered and got the chance to write, produce, and appear on MTV2’s Guy Code (2013).

He was the first Afro-American sitcom lead in the CBS generation and the first black announcer in Emmy’s.

He has a twin brother, Jerome Jr., and they shared their birthday on May 16, 1988. They were born and raised by parents Jerome Sr and Marsha, who were teens then.

Learn more about this hilarious actor’s big family and facts in this Wikipedia-type biography.

Jermaine Fowler’s Relationship with Family

Image of Jermaine Fowler

Jermaine Fowler, an actor, and producer, known for Friends of the People (2014)

Fowler described his parents as humorous and lenient towards how they raised him. It was described as an ideal relationship, but they have split ways as specified earlier.

Jermaine often narrated his experiences growing up with his family in comic performances, telling people what it is like to grow up in a big household managed by young parents.

He is presently writing an animated show with FOX directly inspired by her mother, Marsha.

Jermaine Fowler’s Father, Jerome Sr. Biography

Jerome Fowler Sr was 18 years old when he became a father to Jermaine. Together with his then-wife, they raised the twins in Hyattsburg, Maryland.

There is little known information about Fowler Sr; details about personal life, occupation, and age are not disclosed. However, from Jermaine’s age, his dad is about 52 years old currently.

Marsha, Jermaine Fowler’s Mother

Image of Jermaine Fowler with his mother, Marsha

Jermaine Fowler with his mother, Marsha

Marsha came out as a lesbian and divorced Jerome Sr, and she is now remarried to another unnamed woman.

Fowler claims that he has established a good relationship with his mother’s present wife. Apart from the twins, she also gave birth to two other children yet to be named. Marsha’s additional information is not well-known.

It is estimated that she is already in her early fifties.

Jerome Jr, the Twin Brother

The actor has a late twin brother named after their father, Jerome. They grew up together and had a powerful bond until he departed his life in 2018.

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