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Jesy Nelson Parents: Janice White and John Nelson, and Siblings

Jesy Nelson’s Parents, Janice White and John Nelson

Jessica Louise Nelson is a British singer and songwriter. She is famously known as a member of a British pop girl band, Little Mix, as Jessy Nelson. In 2020, Jesy left Little Mix due to her experience in body shame that has occurred since their band’s debut, which harms her mental health.

After leaving the band, the former Little Mix member continued her singing career as a solo artist. In October 2021, she released her single track ‘Boyz,’ featuring Nicki Minaj.

Jesy Nelson is a native of Romford, East London, United Kingdon, born on the 14th of June 1991. She grew up as the oldest child among her three siblings.

This article will focus on information and controversies about Jessy Nelson’s parents, Janice White and John Nelson, and her three younger siblings.

Jesy Nelson’s Parents Love Life

There is no disclosed information about the day or year of their marriage, but Janice White and John Nelson decided to cut off their marriage while Jesy was only five years old.

After the divorce of Jesy’s parents, Janice moved away from John and took the responsibility of their children’s custody alone. Jesy’s mother, Janice, mentioned these experiences on the BBC documentary ‘Odd One Out.’

Jesy Nelson’s Father, John Nelson Biography

John Nelson is a businessman who owns a Garden Centre in Essex. He had his absence while his children grew up, leading Jesy to become estranged from her father, John, confirmed in 2016. The businessman was arrested for a hit and run charge after leaving the unconscious driver, Craig Voyce, after a car crash in the same year, 2016. John Nelson was reported to be with two men during the accident. Then, he was released as he defended himself that he wasn’t driving when the car crash occurred.

Jesy Nelson with her father, John Nelson
Jesy Nelson and her father, John Nelson

In 2021, in an interview regarding her solo debut, Jesy Nelson stated that her love or attraction for “bad boys” might stem from his father, John. The British singer thinks that she doesn’t have an excellent male model as she grew up, so “bad boys” can easily attract her.

Jesy Nelson’s Mother, Janice White Biography

Janice White is a full-time mother to her three children, including Jesy Nelson. Since her children’s formative years, Janice White has been a single mom who took care of her children’s custody and works as a Police Community Service Officer. Even at the age of 50, she is able to capture a robber, specifically the robbing incident in Essex.

Jesy Nelson with her mother, Janice White
Jesy Nelson with her mother, Janice White

Jesy’s mother, Janice, has been a supportive mom since she auditioned in The X-Factor and when Little Mix was formed in 2011. She also witnessed Jesy’s mental sufferings from the beginning of her career as a band member and tried to convince her to quit her job after failing to commit a suicide attempt.

The former member Little Mix mentioned that she was conscious of her body, especially when they were about to film a music video because people were always pointed out her insecurities. As a result, she usually starves herself, leading to an unhealthy diet.

Jesy Nelson’s Siblings

Jesy Nelson grew up living with her three younger siblings, Jade (second child), Jonathan (third child), and Joseph Nelson (fourth, youngest child). The four of them took care of their mother without their father’s presence or financial support.

The second eldest child, Jade Nelson, seems close to the former Little Mix member. She isn’t afraid to raise a concern about social problems, significantly when it affects one of her family members. As their mother, Jesy’s sister is also very supportive. A year after Jesy left the girl band, Jade posted an awareness on her Instagram account regarding bullying.

The third eldest child, Jonathan Nelson, was hospitalized after a physical fight with a former Olympic gold medalist, James DeGale, at a Halloween Beach Party in Beach Blanket Babylon in 2019. DeGale denied the allegations against him by stating that he wasn’t in the area when the physical fight happened.

Jesy Nelson taking selfie with her siblings
Jesy Nelson taking selfies with her siblings

The fourth and youngest child, Joseph Nelson, faced an assault charge after allegedly punching a scrap metal dealer, Paul Davenport, and left him unconscious. The trial occurred at East London’s Snaresbrook Crown Court on the 16th day of March 2017.

According to Jesy’s youngest brother’s lawyer, Davenport tried to compensate her after learning that she was Joseph’s older sister, a member of Little Mix.

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