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Jill Wagner Parents : David Wagner, Siblings

Image of Jill Wagner

Jill Wagner is an American actress born in Winston Salem, North Carolina. On January 13, 1979, her mother died because of delivery complications.

There’s no other way to take care of her and her elder brother instead of the actress’s father, David Wagner.

Jill is an intelligent lady and graduated with cum laude in her diploma at North Carolina State University with a degree in business.

Doing movies is her favorite, and according to the actress, she dedicated most of her films to her grandmother.

She starred in movies like Dreams (2015), Christmas cookies (2016), Pearl in Paradise (2018), and Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa (2018)

To know more details about Jill Wagner’s father: David Wagner’s biography and love life, continue to read the article below.

Jill Wagner parent’s Love Life

Image of Jill Wagner
Jill Wagner

David Wagner and his wife, who is not named or shared by the actress, were dedicated.

Before, the couple spent their time with their eldest child, Jill’s brother.

Though being a Marine and traveling to different places, their mother used to take care of Jill’s brother.

Later on, Jill arrived. However, due to pregnancy complications, Jill’s mother did not survive the delivery and died on her birthday, January 13, 1979.

It was an unfortunate encounter for the family, but David remained responsible for both of his children.

With the help of David’s mother, they were able to raise the kids. Now, Jill is close both to her father and to her grandmother.

The actress always considers her grandmother’s advice on which movies she should play.

And now, with continued side-by-side movies, Jill makes more family-related movies in her career.

Jill Wagner Mother: Unknown

Jill Wagner’s mother is unnamed, and due to privacy reasons, neither Jill nor part of her family did not share detailed information about the mother. The actress’s mother died on January 13, 1979.

Jill Wagner Father: David Wagner

Image of Jill Wagner with her father, David Wagner
Jill Wagner with her father, David Wagner

David Wagner is a single dad of two kids, a son, and a daughter, having Jill as the youngest of the two.

David is a former US Marine officer and now owns a local tire shop in North Carolina. Together with David’s mother, they raised the two kids by themselves.

The marine officer is close to his children, and Jill’s grandmother has been hands-on ever since.

As of now, researchers can gather no more details regarding David Wagner.

Jill Wagner Sibling

Jill Wagner has an older sibling, Brandon Wagner. The personal details about the actress’s brother are limited.

However, she shared that both her brother and she are close.

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