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JJ Watt Parents : Connie Watt, John Watt, Siblings

Image of JJ Watt in his game

JJ Watt, also known as Justin James, is a famous NFL football player. He was born on March 22, 1989, in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

He is the son of Connie Watt and John Watt. The football player’s father, John, is one of the primary reasons he is involved in the sports industry.

However, like his father, they are athletic people in different sports.

For years, Justin James retained his title of being one of the best defenders in the League.

John plays shot put while Justin is a professional football player of the Arizona Cardinals.

All of his siblings are also professional athletes. Two of his brothers are football players but in a different league.

To know more about the NFL superstar’s parents’ biography and love life, continue to read the article below.

JJ Watt’s parents’ Love life

Image of JJ Watt with his family

JJ Watt with his family

The researchers gathered little to no information about JJ Watt’s parents’ love life.

However, Connie and John raised their kids in an athletic stature.

Like any other parents, they are supportive of their children’s successes.

JJ Watt owed his talented skills and personality to his father, John, who inspired him since he was a kid.

Even if busy in a corporate field, his mother, Connie, makes time to provide for her children’s needs.

JJ Watt’s mother: Connie Watt

Image of JJ Watt with his mother, Connie Watt

JJ Watt with his mother, Connie Watt

The only information gathered from JJ Watt’s mother is that she is currently building a particular company’s operations.

Specific information about her early life, other careers, and personal details are not identified.

Nevertheless, the mother of three is the most caring and supportive parent in the field.

During JJ’s events, Connie is one of the biggest cheerleaders in the crowd.

JJ Watt’s father: John Watt

Image of JJ Watt with his father, John Watt

JJ Watt with his father, John Watt

John Watt is the NFL superstar’s father. Many know John for being a shot-put player back in his days.

It urged J.J. also to pursue this sport during high school.

However, eventually, he stopped playing this sport and found true dedication to football.

John is one of J.J.’s motivators and inspirations in his sports career.

Like his wife, he also watched several of the star’s league games and witnessed all of his championships.

The father of three is vocal towards his childrens’ successes, and he is beyond proud of their achievements. John currently works as a firefighter in Wisconsin.

JJ Watt’s siblings

Image of JJ Watt with his brothers

JJ Watt with his brothers, Derek and TJ Watt

J.J. is one of the three siblings that Connie and John have.

All of the children are boys, and their names are Derek Watt and T.J Watt.

This family is made up of purely talented and athletic people. Derek and T.J Watt are both players for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Derek has a full-back role, while T.J. is an outside linebacker.

Other personal details about the siblings are not known, but the brothers remained connected and enjoyed each other’s company for many years already.

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