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Jodi Arias: Sandra Arias, William Angelo, Siblings.

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Image of Jodi Arias

Jodi Arias was arrested and convicted after killing Travis Alexander, her boyfriend. She shocked the world after the news of the event.

Many people were affected after Jodi was convicted, especially her parents and siblings. Who are Jodi’s parents, and where are her parents and siblings now? Read more here to know more about Jodi Arias’ parents Bill and Sandra Dee Allen Arias and her siblings.

Jodi Arias’ Parents Love Life.

Image of Jodi Arias
Jodi Arias during her hearing after the murder of his former partner, Travis Alexander

Jodi Arias’ parents are Bill Arias and Sandra Dee Allen.

Sandra and Bill met when Sandra was only 22. Moreover, they had two daughters and two sons, and Jodi was their eldest. Moreover, other details about their love story are unavailable.

Furthermore, Jodi recounted that her parents were abusive. They began abusing her when she was seven. According to the girl, her parents abused her so much that she moved out during her senior year.

However, Jodi’s parents never commented on Jodi’s statements against them.

Jodi Arias’ Father William Angelo 

Image of Jodi Arias' parents
Jodi Arias’ parents, William Angelo and Sandra Arias

Jodi’s father is William Angelo. Moreover, his birthday and childhood details are unknown.

Bill denied Jodi’s claims about him. Furthermore, he was the one who observed Jodi’s actions for days. In addition, Bill is a soft-spoken man. Police interviewed him about Jodi’s murder case. Furthermore, viewers could not help but say their sentiments on the poor man.

According to reports, Bill Arias has died due to unknown reasons.

Jodi Arias’ Mother Sandra Arias

Image of Jodi Arias' mother, Sandra Arias
Jodi Arias’ mother, Sandra Arias

Jodi’s mom is Sandra Arias. She was born sometime in 1958. Moreover, Sandra has six siblings.

Additionally, she also has a twin sister whose name is Susan. Furthermore, Sandra was at work when her son Joey called hers. Joey said in the other line that police cars were all around their house.

Jodi’s conviction negatively impacted the rest of the Arias’. According to Sandra, she had to quit her job after 17 years of working there because she was always at Jodi’s trial.

Jodi Arias’ Siblings

Image of Jodi Arias' family
Jodi Arias’ family

Jodi has three siblings, a sister, and two brothers. According to Sandra, people were bullying Angela for no reason, just because she is the sister of a convicted murderer.

Her young brothers Joey and Carl did not involve themselves with Jodi.

Jodi Arias’ Wikipedia – info 

Full NameJodi Arias
Date of BirthJuly 9, 1980
Age (2022)41 years old
ParentsSandra Dee Allen and Bill Arias
SiblingsAngela, Joey, and Carl


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