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Joji Parents: George Kawaguchi, Siblings

Image of Joji from his cover album

Have you heard of Joji’s classic hits? Joji, a pretty peculiar name for an artist, has gained more popularity since he released music on different platforms.

With both melancholic and modern in touch, Joji performed worldwide and is one of the most famous artists in 88 Rising.

Joji has the original name of George Kusunoki Miller. He was born on September 18, 1992, in Osaka, Japan.

Details about his parents are not mainly known. However, he came of both Australian and Japanese descent.

To know more details about Joji’s Parents’ biography, continue to read the article below.

Joji Parents’ Love life

Image of Joji from his Instagram
Joji from his song ‘Sanctuary.’

A twenty-nine-year-old musician is a great singer and plays a massive role in the entertainment industry, specifically YouTube.

He is a comedian and plays roles that are sometimes uniquely created.

With one of his acts, he joked about who his parents were.

There is no confirmation of Joji’s truth since he said that his parents died and had no siblings.

But the only accurate information that the singer shared with his fans is that both of his parents came from different cultures, one from Australia and one from Japan.

There are no more details that researchers can gather about Joji’s parents.

Joji’s Mother: Unknown

The only information gathered from Joji’s mother is that she came of Japanese descent.

Joji Father : George Kawaguchi

Joji’s fans and even researchers have been lucky to get a little peek at Joji’s personal life.

They have identified that Joji’s fathers’ name is George.

Though, since he said that he came from Australia, the story of George is not expected, for he continued to be a jazz drummer in Japan and had a Japanese last name, Kawaguchi.

Still, it cannot be confirmed that the whole information gathered by the researchers and by Joji’s fans are all accurate and detailed.

Still, fans and even curious audiences can prove that Joji belonged to a multi-racial family.

Joji is also considered private regarding his family. It might be for personal reasons, or he’s not that open towards family talk, especially when he is also dealing with the pressure and criticisms coming from social media.

Joji Siblings

Joji grew up alone. As he reached adolescence, he graduated from the Canadian Academy in Higanshinada-Ku, Kobe, in 2012 and got accepted into the University of Brooklyn.

Both at school and at leisure, all of his companions are his friends that he met along the way.

The singer is part of the Tempura Boyz, where he spends more time and creates new ways to connect with people.

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