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Jon Ossoff Parents: Heather Fenton, Richard Ossoff, Siblings.

Image of Jon Ossoff

Jon Ossoff, whose full name is Thomas Jonathan Ossoff, is known for being the youngest person since 1980 to become a Senator.

Moreover, he is from Georgia and was initially employed as a legislative assistant.

Furthermore, followers of politics are curious to know more about his support system growing up.

So, here is all the information on Jon Ossoff’s siblings and parents, Heather Fenton and Richard Ossoff, in this article below.

Jon Ossoff’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Jon Ossoff

Jon Ossoff is an American politician serving as the senior United States senator from Georgia since 2021.

Not much is known about the love life of Heather Fenton and Richard Ossoff. Likewise, they prefer to keep their details out of the public spotlight.

Consequently, their marriage date is unknown.

However, they had their son Jon Ossoff in Atlanta, Georgia. Furthermore, they still live in Georgia today as both of them are business owners in the area.

Additionally, they are still married.

Moreover, they supported their son Jon in his career.

Jon got most of his feelings for community service from his parents since they were also working to better their society and the local area.

Nevertheless, Jon is now in a position to effect significant change as the Georgia-based senator of the United States.

Jon Ossoff’s Mother, Heather Fenton

Image of Jon Ossoff with his mother, Heather Fenton

Jon Ossoff with his mother, Heather Fenton

Did you know that Heather Fenton is originally from Australia? Jon Ossoff has Australian citizenship because of his mother. Additionally, Heather was the co-founder of NewPowerPAC in 2013.

Moreover, it is an organization that focuses on empowering women to be in government positions around Georgia. Furthermore, she is a supporting and caring mother who nurtured her son to become the fine man he is today.

Jon Ossoff’s Father, Richard Ossoff

Image of Jon Ossoff with his father, Richard Ossoff

Jon Ossoff with his father, Richard Ossoff

According to the sources, Richard Ossoff is currently the proud owner of Stafford Publications, a service that provides information on legal matters and hosts webinars.

Furthermore, he handles many lawyers and public accountants’ work for the company.

Jon Ossoff’s Siblings

Thomas Jonathan Ossoff, more commonly known as Jon, is an only child.

Indeed, Heather and Richard decided only to have one kid.

However, he may have other siblings or step-siblings, but he has not commented on them publicly.

Jon Ossoff’s Wikipedia – info

Full Name Thomas Jonathan Ossoff
Date of Birth February 16, 1987
Place of Birth Atlanta, Georgia, US
Age (2022) 35
Profession Politician
Relationship Status Married
Spouse Alisha Kramer
Children One child

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