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Jonathan India Parents: John India, Elizabeth India, Siblings

Image of Jonathan India

Jonathan India is a rookie player for the American professional infielder for the Cincinnati Reds.

On December 15, 1996, he was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The baseball rookie is a graduate of American Heritage School and the University of Florida.

Being an amateur in his field, Jonathan proved to the Cincinnati Reds that he is worth the teams’ victories all over the years.

During league events, he makes sure that his mother and father watch his games with his only sister.

Jonathan is the only son of John and Elizabeth India.

To know more details about the baseball superstar’s parents’ biography and love life, continue to read the article below.

Jonathan India’s parents’ love life

Image of Jonathan India with his family
Jonathan India with his family

Jonathan is very close to his parents, and both of them supported and sacrificed their time and efforts for the rookie’s career in baseball.

Eventually, Jonathan signed a whopping deal of 3 million dollars a year for the Cincinnati Reds.

In an interview, Jonathan expressed his gratitude towards his parents.

The rookie gave the first big league hit ball to his mother, Elizabeth, who got tears of joy while his dad, John, was amazed at his son’s great success.

The rising baseball star has not shared any information about his parents’ life.

Especially details about his parents’ love and early lives are not known.

Jonathan India mother: Elizabeth India

Details about Jonathan India’s mother, Elizabeth, have little to no information.

But according to great reports, during the league games of the rookie player, Elizabeth didn’t waste any opportunity to watch her son.

The twenty-five-year-old Cincinnati player is close to his parents, especially his mother.

While Elizabeth watched her son’s game, a significant home run made the Cincinnati Red win.

Elizabeth was teary-eyed when Jonathan gave her his first big league hit ball.

Jonathan India father: John India

Image of Jonathan India with his father
Jonathan India with his father

Details about Jonathan India’s father, John, have little to no information.

Like Jonathan’s mother, the rookie player has not shared any records or stories about their personal lives.

John is a proud father of two, where Jonathan is the eldest and the youngest daughter.

We will update further information about Jonathan India’s parents once the rookie player shares more personal details.

Jonathan India Siblings

Jonathan India, a six-foot baseball player, has been slowly reaching fame since he got accepted by the Cincinnati Reds last two years ago, with a whopping deal of $3 million.

Only at the age of twenty-five, Jonathan is now one of the great contenders for the team.

Jonathan is the eldest among the two siblings. The baseball player has a sister, is still unidentified, and has no information to share, except for always being a supportive crowd during her brother’s game.

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