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JonBenet Parents: Patsy Ramsey, John Bennet Ramsay, Siblings

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Image of JonBenet Ramsey

The tragedy of JonBenèt Patricia Ramsey has shocked and unnerved us all for so many years.

At only six years old, the child beauty queen was killed in her own basement. Furthermore, this murder happened a day after Christmas in 1996.

Also, her father found her body in the basement with a cord tied around her neck and tape on her mouth. Hence, the cause of her death was asphyxiation.

Moreover, a ransom note was found on the family’s staircase. The letter asked for $118,000 in exchange for JonBenet.

Also, the letter said that the deal would happen the next day, on December 27. But it was determined that the note was using materials from inside Ramsey’s house.

So, because of this, people started being suspicious of JonBenet’s parents.

Read more about JonBenet’s parents, Patsy Ramsey and John Bennet Ramsey, here.

JonBenèt Patricia Ramsey’s Mother Patsy Ramsey

Image of JonBenet Ramsey with her brother, Burke Ramsey, and mother, Patsy Ramsey
JonBenet Ramsey with her brother, Burke Ramsey, and mother, Patsy Ramsey

JonBenet’s mother is named Patricia Ann Paugh Ramsey or Patsy. On December 29, 1956, she was born in Parkersburg, West Virginia, United States.

Moreover, Patsy passed away on June 24, 2006, at 49 years old.

Also, Patsy was a beauty queen. Like her daughter JonBenet, she joined several pageants and won Miss West Virginia in 1977.

Hence, she was only 20 years old. Additionally, Patsy has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and graduated in 1978.

Furthermore, Patsy and John Bennet married on November 5, 1980. Also, Patsy was 23 years old.

So, they had their first son Burke Ramsey, Then they had JonBenet a few years later.

JonBenèt Patricia Ramsey Father John Bennett Ramsey

Image of JonBenet Ramsey's parents, John Bennett Ramsey and Patsy Ramsey
JonBenet Ramsey’s parents, John Bennett Ramsey and Patsy Ramsey

JonBenet’s father is named John Bennett Ramsey. On December 7, 1943, he was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States.

John Benett’s parents are Mary Jane Bennet and James Dudley “Jay” Ramsey. Additionally, John Bennet grew up and attended school in Michigan.

Moreover, John Bennet has a degree in electrical engineering. Also, he has a master’s in business.

Now, John Bennet works as a businessman and author. Also, he is living and working in Michigan today.

He remarried in 2011 after Patsy died in 2006. Additionally, his current wife’s name is Jan Rousseaux.

JonBenèt Patricia Ramsey Siblings

Image of JonBenet Ramsey's family
JonBenet Ramsey’s family

JonBenet had one brother. Her brother’s name is Burke Ramsey, and he was born on January 27, 1987.

Additionally, Burke was only nine years old when his sister was murdered.

Now, Burke works as a software engineer and stays out of the public eye. Now, he is 35 years old.

JonBenèt Patricia Ramsey Wikipedia – info 

NameJonBenèt Ramsey
OccupationChild Beauty Queen
Date of BirthAugust 6, 1990
Age at death6
Date of DeathDecember 6, 1996


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