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JonBenet Ramsey Parents: Patsy Ramsey and John Bennett, Siblings

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JonBeńet Ramsey's Parents, Patsy Ramsey and John Bennett Ramsey, and Siblings

The late JonBeńet Ramsey was an American child beauty queen like Patsy Ramsey, her mother. She was born on the 6th day of August 1990 and murdered after Christmas day in 1996 in her hometown in Atlanta, Georgia. The late child beauty queen’s death was due to asphyxia, caused by strangulation, sex assault, and craniocerebral trauma, which has resulted in her autopsy.

The murder of JonBenet Ramsey became one of the most high-profile unsolved murder cases over almost four decades. As of 2022, the murder case is still active as the suspect is unknown.

This article indicates some personal details about JonBenet Ramsey’s parents, Patsy and John Bennett Ramsey, and her four siblings.

JonBenet Ramsey Parents Love Life

Before JonBenet’s parents met, her father, John Bennett Ramsey, had his first marriage with Lucinda Lou Pasch. Lucinda and John Bennett decided to end their marriage in 1978 without disclosing the reason for the divorce in public. However, they have three children together.

After a few years of being a divorcee, John Bennett met JonBeńet’s mother, Patsy, in a local Colorado media when she moved to Atlanta, Georgia. They went on dates for a few months before marrying in 1980. JonBeńet’s parents’ marriage lasted until her mother, Patsy, passed away for not surviving ovarian cancer in 2006.

According to reports, John Bennett Ramsey met his current wife, Jan Rousseaux, when he relocated to Moab, Utah. Then, they got married and settled in Michigan in 2011.

JonBenet Ramsey father, John Bennett Ramsey Bio

John Bennett Ramsey is a businessman and engineer. He is a degree holder, majoring in Electrical engineering, and master’s degree holder, majoring in Business Administration, from Michigan State University. JonBeńet’s father worked as a US Navy’s Civil Engineer Corps officer.

He was relocated to the Philippines for three years. After his 3-year duty in the Philippines, John Bennett spent another eight years in Atlanta, Georgia, since 1966. Later on, he worked on three merged companies that turned into a computer services company, Access Graphics. He was the Access Graphics’ president and took the position of chief executive officer.

JonBeńet Ramsey's mother, Patsy Ramsey
JonBeńet Ramsey’s mother, Patsy Ramsey

JonBenet Ramsey mother, Patsy Ramsey Bio

Patricia Ann Paugh, also known as Patsy Ramsey, was an American beauty queen and TV personality. She was a native of Parkersburg, in her hometown in West Virginia, on the 29th day of December 1956. In 1977, the late Patsy Ramsey was entitled ‘Miss West Virginia’ at twenty years old. In the same year, she earned his Journalism degree in college.

JonBeńet Ramsey's father, John Bennett Ramsey
JonBeńet Ramsey’s father, John Bennett Ramsey

In 2002, Miss West Virginia 1977 was diseased with stage four ovarian cancer. The disease subsided, and she underwent treatment for almost a decade. After four years, the late Patsy Ramsey couldn’t survive her fight with ovarian cancer and passed away on the 24th of June 2006.

JonBenet Ramsey’s Siblings

JonBeńet Ramsey is supposed to be the youngest child in their family, but she ends up in brutal murder by the unknown suspect. However, the late young girl beauty queen has five siblings, including John Bennett’s children from his first marriage.

In her father’s first marriage, JonBeńet had two older sisters, Melinda and Elizabeth Pasch Ramsey. The second-born, Elizabeth, was a stewardess on an Airline and died due to a car crash with her boyfriend, Matthew Derington, during bad weather near Chicago.

Also, JonBeńet has her first older brother. John Andrew Ramsey had a tremendous sister-brother relationship with the late child beauty queen. He still has his high hopes that her little sister’s murder case can be resolved through a DNA match because the investigation technology has improved over the past 25 years.

On the other hand, Burke Ramsey is JonBeńet’s biological sibling. He studied and graduated from Purdue University with a computer technology degree and works as a software engineer.

In 2016, Burke sued and compensated a television broadcasting company, CBS, in a worth of $750 million for accusing him of murdering JonBeńet and suspecting his whole family was responsible for the six-year-old beauty queen’s death in a documentary series’ episode, ‘The Case of JonBeńet Ramsey.’

JonBeńet Ramsey with her parents and brother
JonBeńet Ramsey with her parents and brother 

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