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Jordan Peele Parents: Lucinda Williams, Hayward Peele, Siblings

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Jordan Peele's Parents, Lucinda Williams, Hayward Peele, Siblings

Comedy Central’s Jordan Peele is famous for starring in Key & Peele. But he is also a voice actor. He was even lending his voice to the films Stork and Captain Underpants.

As of recently, he has become a filmmaker. His debut film ‘Get Out‘ was even considered one of the best horror movies. With such spectacular talent, it runs in the genes.

Therefore, this article will talk about his parents, Lucinda Williams and Hayward Peele, and siblings. Read on for more knowledge on them.

Jordan Peele Parents Love Life

The comedian is protective of his family’s background. As such, we do not have any full details on his parent’s love story. However, we presume they met in New York.

Jordan Peele’s Mother, Lucinda Williams Bio

Lucinda Williams was born in Maryland, New York City. She spent most of her life there. Moreover, she is of white ethnicity, making Peele half white.

In addition, Jordan’s mother was born on the 15th of July, 1949. Moreover, her parents are Josephine Helen Taylor and Haworth Williams.

Jordan Peele's mother, Lucinda Williams
Jordan Peele’s mother, Lucinda Williams

After giving birth, she moved to Manhattan. Additionally, she raised Jordan Peele on her own since he was a child. She recently died last April 2018. Sadly, her family did not share the cause of her death.

Some sources assume the singer with the same name as the filmmaker’s mother. However, this is not true. Moreover, the singer is very much alive.

Therefore, we do not have further detailed information on Jordan Peele’s mother.

Jordan Peele’s Father, Hayward Peele Biography

The comedian’s father is Hayward Earle Peele. The older Peele was born in North Carolina, from a Black family. Thus, Jordan’s black roots come from his father’s side.

Moreover, he was born on the 22nd of February, 1939. In addition, Lucy Mae Doggert and Matthew Haywood Peele are the names of his parents.

Jordan Peele with his father, Hayward Peele in childhood age
Jordan Peele with his father, Hayward Peele in childhood age

According to sources, he was working in Kent College as a chef. After spending six years with Jordan and his wife, he left. Therefore, the actor grew up not having a father.

In April 1999, Hayward passed away, leaving this world. He died in Branford, New Haven, Connecticut. Unfortunately, this is all the information on the actor’s father.

Jordan Peele Siblings

One source claimed that the actor has a sister. Her name is Simone Peele. Unfortunately, no evidence supports it. Therefore, we can assume that Jordan is an only child.

Additionally, he considers actor Keegan-Michael Key as his brother from another mother.

Jordan Peele with his brother, Keegan Michael Key
Jordan Peele with his brother, Keegan Michael Key

Quick Facts

Full NameJordan Haworth Peele
BirthdateFebruary 21, 1979
Age (2022)43
BirthplaceNew York City, New York
ProfessionActor, Comedian, Filmmaker

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