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Josie Canseco Parents: Jessica Canseco and Jose Canseco, and Siblings

Josie Canseco's Parents, Jessica Canseco and Jose Canseco

Josephine Marie Canseco is also famously known for her stage name as Josie Canseco. Her reputation increased as she became a model and TV star in Hollywood. She is best known for having her first appearance as a model in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2018.

Along with her mother, Jessica Canseco, Josie made her appearance on a VH1’s reality show ‘Hollywood Exes‘ in 2012. Although she comes from a famous family, Josie has a humble personality.

She was discovered at the Coachella Music Festival when a photographer, Bryant Eslava, took a picture with her friend, Charlotte D’Alessio.

This article will puzzle all information regarding Josie Canseco’s parents, Jessica and Jose Canseco, and her siblings.

Josie Canseco’s Parents’ Love Life

In May 1993, Josie Canseco’s parents, Jessica and Jose, met in a hooter restaurant chain in Cleveland, Ohio. Her mother, Jessica, was training as a hooter waitress to earn extra income for her college. So, Jessica took the shot to date the famous baseball player. Jose didn’t deny his failed marriage with Esther Haddad.

After three years of dating, her parents, Jessica and Jose, decided to get married, and they had their child, Josie, in the same year. Their four years of marriage didn’t end well. Domestic abuse was the cause of their divorce, then Jose was sentenced to prison.

Josie Canseco's Parents' Love Life

Josie Canseco with her parents, Jessica and Jose at young age

After ending their marriage, Josie’s father, Jose, keeps throwing allegations to Jessica about having an affair with Jennifer Lopez’s fiance, Alex Rodriguez, via Twitter in 2019. He was challenging Alex Rodriguez to a polygraph test to prove his statements.

After several days, Jessica Canseco denied his ex-husband’s allegation through Twitter by explaining that they’re only been friends for many years.

Josie Canseco’s Father, Jose Canseco

In 1964, Josie’s father, Jose Canseco, entered the world on the 2nd day of July in Havana, Cuba, as José Canseco Capas Jr. He was a Cuban-American professional baseball player. After his retirement in 2002, Jose faced accusations of using anabolic steroids as a baseball player.

He tried to defend himself by denying it until he confessed it. The former baseball player tried to frame his fellow baseball players’ use of illegal drugs.

Before he got married to Jessica Canseco, he had married his first wife, Esther Haddad, for four years. Jose committed domestic violence by assaulting his ex-wife, resulting in divorce.

Josie Canseco with his father, Jose Canseco

Josie Canseco along with his father, Jose Canseco

Josie Canseco’s Mother, Jessica Canseco

Although she is divorced from Jose Canseco, Jessica Canseco is famously known for his wife, so she kept using his last name.

She is an American TV personality, writer, and cosmetic and medical micropigmentation expert. Jessica is famously known for appearing in several reality series such as ‘Hollywood Exes’ and ‘The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition.’ She also had her appearance in a comedy film ‘Gettin’ it’ in 2006.

Jessica wrote her own memoir

‘Juicy: Confessions of a Former Baseball Wife,’

where she wrote her married life story with Jose Canseco.

Josie Canseco's mother, Jessica Canseco

Josie Canseco’s mother, Jessica Canseco

In 1972, Jessica Canseco was born on the 4th day of December in Ashland, Ohio. Before she landed in the world of showbiz, Jessica was a college student and trained as a hooter waitress in a restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio.

After being a single mom for several years, Josie’s mother met and married a plastic surgeon, Gareth Fisher, in a reality TV series ‘Hollywood Exes’ in 2007. According to Gareth Fisher’s publicist, Nancy Iannios, they ended their marriage in an amicable split. They revealed their divorced happened in April 2011.


Josie Canseco is the only child of Jessica and Jose Canseco. She does not have any siblings. Although her parents are divorced, the 26-year-old model enjoys her life without a sibling.

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