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Judy Garland Parents: Ethel Marion Milne, Francis Avent Gumm

Image of Judy Garland

The Hollywood musical icon Judy Garland was the starlet of 20th-century cinema. She was the protagonist of one of the first technicolor movies in history.

Also, her original name was Frances Ethel Gumm, but she later changed it to a more stage-appropriate name.

Yet, despite all the glamour that Judy had in her career, she struggled in her personal life. She had a turbulent relationship with her mother even as a child.

So, who are Judy Garland’s parents? Read about Ethel Marion Milne and Francis Avent Gumm here.

Judy Garland’s Parents’ Love Story

Image of Judy Garland
Judy Garland is an American actress and singer. She is widely known for playing the role of Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz (1939).

Francis and Ethel married in January 1914. Yet we know that they had a bad relationship.

It only got worse when the family moved to California. Additionally, they moved to further the careers of their children.

But this only made their marriage worse because Francis reportedly had sexual relations with young boys there.

Also, the boys were often ushers who worked at theaters. When Francis died, Ethel married another man. Additionally, Ethel married this man on the fourth death anniversary of Francis.

This marriage did not help Ethel and Judy’s relationship. Judy did not like her new stepfather.

Judy Garland’s Mother, Ethel Marion Milne

Image of Judy Garland with her mother, Ethel Marion Milne
Garland with her mother, Ethel Marion Milne

Judy and Ethel had a complicated relationship. Ethel was an overachieving stage mom that sometimes bordered on abuse.

Judy liked to sing and perform ever since she was young, and Ethel saw the chance to capitalize on her talent.

Before Judy was even ten years old, Ethel would take her to nightclubs to perform. One time she brought Judy to a place that had just got raided by the police.

Moreover, it is said that she would give young Judy pills that raised her energy and also pills to make her sleep afterward.

Also, this was all before she was even a teenager. This is what started Judy’s descent into drug dependency.

Also, this dependency eventually led to Judy’s death at only 47 years old.

Judy Garland’s Father, Francis Avent Gumm

Both Judy’s father and mother were vaudevillians. Francis owned a theater that showed movies and live performances.

Yet, Francis and Ethel were not a happy couple. Also, when Ethel became pregnant with Judy, Francis wanted to get an abortion done.

He called a friend who studied medicine, but told them to have the baby instead.

Sadly, Francis died in 1935. This death was not long after MGM hired Judy.

Judy Garland’s Wikipedia – info 

Real Name

Frances Ethel Gumm

Stage Name

Judy Garland


Actress and Singer



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