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Julia Roberts Parents : Walter Grady Roberts, Betty Lou Bredemus, Siblings

Image of Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is an actress born on October 28, 1967, in Smyrna, Georgia. She is known for multiple award-winning movies like Pretty Woman, where she won three Golden Globes and has been nominated for four Academy Awards.

In 2000, Julia won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance as Erin Brockovich. She is the youngest daughter among the three children of Walter Grady and Betty Lou Bredemus. They raised their children in the acting industry, and they taught them the basics of acting.

The three siblings are now professional actors based in the US. However, Julia became more prominent, having a total net worth of 464 million USD.

To know more details about Julia Roberts’s parents’ biography, love life, and siblings, continue to read the article below.

Julia Roberts’s Parents’ love life

Image of Julia Roberts from Elle

Julia Roberts from Elle

Even if the fifty-four-year-old actress lives currently in a fairytale world, she had bad experiences with her stepfather Michael Moots where she got abused physically.

Her biological parents, Walter Grady and Betty Lou, once became a great couple and parents for Julia. Together they ran an actors’ workshop when the actress was a child. With this opportunity, they taught all of their children the basics of acting, which they later used for their professions.

Eventually, they divorced when Julia was only five years old for unknown reasons, and there’s no specific year or date to when they separated. With this matter, actress’ mother, Betty Lou decided to get married again to Michael, and they thought they would start a great new family.

However, the actress got abused physically by Michael. Since then, Betty and Julia Roberts got into a huge fight and had no excellent communication.

Julia Roberts Mother: Betty Lou Bredemus

Julia Roberts' mother, Betty Lou Bredemus

Julia Roberts with her mother, Betty Lou Bredeemus

Betty Lou Bredemus was born in 1934. There’s no specific information about her details like birth date, early career, and life; however, after Julia’s birth, the mother of three had to quit her job. It made a significant impact on their family’s financial capability.

However, they decided to start an Actors’ workshop together with her husband. It’s a successful company, and they taught their children acting.

Betty and Walter decided to divorce when the actress was five years old. Betty got into a new marriage and married Michael Moots, known for being a drunkard and an abusive father to Julia.

Since then, the mother and daughter weren’t on good terms and had no excellent communication. After years of being disconnected from her mother, they fixed their issue and had a great bond.

Betty died in 2015.

Julia Roberts father: Walter Grady Roberts

Walter Grady Roberts is a very supportive father to all of his children. Born in 1933, the actress’s father is a hard-working man and built a good business for their family. Walter, together with his wife, built an actor’s workshop. They taught their children acting, which they used for their profession years later.

When the actress was five years old, the couple decided to get separated. But it did not hinder Walter from maintaining a good relationship with his youngest daughter. They called every day and met whenever they both had the time.

However, when Julia was ten years old, Walter Grady died in 1977.


Julia Roberts brother

Julia Roberts’ brother

Julia Roberts is the youngest among the three children of Walter and Betty Lou.

Her only brother, Eric Roberts, is an actor and helped him at her first movie debut, and Lisa Roberts is also an actress in Hollywood. Though these two are not quite popular compared to Julia, they all remain in a great relationship and stay in touch.

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