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Jungkook Parents: Mr. Jeon, Mrs. Jeon. Siblings.

Image of Jeon Jungkook

Jeon JungKook, 25, is widely known for being a k-pop artist and lead vocalist of a Korean hip hop boy group, Bangtan Boys (BTS), representing their own country’s music genre on the global stage.

The band marked k-pop history as they were the first group nominated for Grammy Awards in 2021. Although they did not get the award, BTS awakened the people in the k-pop industry.

Aside from being a k-pop star, Jungkook is also an internet sensation for being one of the most searched on Google and having 36 million followers on Instagram.

Before landing his successful career, Jungkook couldn’t get an opportunity after being rejected on a talent show, Superstar K, held in Daegu, South Korea.

However, he received career offers from seven k-pop industries. Eventually, the kpop star accepted Big Hit Entertainment’s proposal in 2011.

In the following year, the BTS’s youngest member spent his summer in Los Angeles to improve his performance skills in an urban dance studio, Movement Lifestyle.

Ever since his return to South Korea, Jungkook completed his high school terms in an art school, the School of Performing Arts Seoul, until he graduated in 2017.

The k-pop star recently got his Broadcasting and Entertainment degree and recognition through President’s Award after completing his college terms at South Korea’s Global Cyber University in March 2022.

This article will also discuss highlight details about Jungkook’s parents, particularly their careers, marriage, and relationship with their worldwide famous son.

It also includes a piece of information about his older brother.

Jungkook’s Parents Love Life

Image of Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook is a South Korean singer and songwriter. He is the youngest member and vocalist of the South Korean boy band BTS.

BTS’s Jungkook revealed that his parents’ relationship has resulted from his mother, who took the first move. They got married at a young age in the 1990s.

They have lived together as a married couple for three decades until now. Although their two grown-up sons have careers, Mr. and Mrs. Jeon continuously care for them.

Jungkook’s Father Biography

Image of Jeon Jungkook with his father and brother
Jeon Jungkook with his father and brother

According to several reports, Jungkook’s father is a farmer and staff of SK Telecom. Still, their further information isn’t disclosed by the k-pop star yet.

Mr. Jeon prefer to maintain their private life from the eye of the paparazzi.

The youngest BTS member couldn’t resist sharing his childhood experiences with his father. During the BTS FESTA Party in 2021, Jungkook revealed that his dad was also as goofy as him.

He reminisces how Mr. Jeon threw pranks on him. On the other hand, the k-pop sensation also mentioned that his dad often wears Santa Claus’ suit and silently sneaks into his room, which is terrifying to the young version of Jungkook.

In addition, Mr. Jeon is often spotted in public with the k-pop artist.

Jungkook’s Mother Biography

Like her husband, Mrs. Jeon prefers to keep her identity from the press as she isn’t fond of grabbing the media’s attention.

Jungkook’s mother always guides him to act nicely toward other people, including being reminded about the significance of honesty.

The BTS member often calls his mother in their k-pop TV game series, Run BTS.

Through their conversation, Mrs. Jeon proved herself to be the biggest fan of her son’s Korean hip hop band as she could familiarize herself with all of their songs.

Jungkook’s Siblings

Image of Young Jeon Jungkook with his brother, Jeon Junghyun
Young Jeon Jungkook with his brother, Jeon Junghyun

Jeon Jung-Hyun became famous for appearing as Jungkook’s older brother after joining Instagram.

As of 2022, the older brother of the k-pop artist has 544k followers on his Instagram account.

Most of his uploads are images of their dogs, and he has started creating more art content.

Jung-Hyun also shows his love and support for his younger brother’s career by posting it on Instagram stories.

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