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Kehlani Parents and Siblings

Kehlani's Parents and Siblings

Kehlani Ashley Parrish, famously known as Kehlani, was born on the 24th of April in 1995. Her reputation increased as she is an LA-based American R&B singer and songwriter.

Kehlani always describes her childhood as complicated. Despite that, she was surrounded by amazing people while she grew. This article tackles Kehlani’s parents and siblings.

Kehlani’s Parents Love Life

Kehlani’s parents are usually on the run because the cops were targetting them. In an interview, Kehlani describes her parent as Bonnie and Clyde. She never knew nor revealed how her parents met, but Kehlani claims they’re using illegal drugs.

Kehlani’s Father Biography

Kehlani never knew nor disclosed the personal information of her father, even his name. The 26-year-old American singer revealed that her father is a drug addict.

Her father wasn’t present when her mother was giving birth to her. Instead, he contacted her mother and listened to the birth process through call.

The R&B singer also mentioned her father’s interest in sharks. She is confident of claiming that her dad died due to shark attacks in her post on her Instagram account.

The Instagram post includes several pictures of her new vintage car with a shark keychain. Kehlani always remembers her father whenever she sees any symbol or characters of sharks.

Kehlani's parent biography
Kehlani doesn’t reveal her parent’s identity

Kehlani’s Mother Biography

Like her father, Kehlani doesn’t usually open up deeper discussions regarding her mother. She also doesn’t reveal her mother’s name yet. According to Kehlani in an interview with Nessa, her mother was imprisoned after giving birth due to illegal drugs.

The American singer considers her aunt as her second mom. When she was in a foster home, her aunt officially adopted her and gave up college to raise her. Kehlani genuinely describes her as a unique person because of her aunt’s sacrifices.

When her biological mother returned to her life, Kehlani insisted on staying with her aunt. She stated that her mother doesn’t come back to her life as her guidance. Kehlani mentioned that her mom is doing “her thing” with her two siblings in an interview.

Kehlani with her beloved Aunt
Kehlani loves her aunt as her mother

Kehlani’s Siblings

Kehlani doesn’t have a biological sibling because her father passed away. But she has two half-siblings on her mother. The 26-year-old R&B singer felt jealous about their strong relationship with her mom. They don’t usually let her be with her mother and siblings for a longer time.

Despite longing for his real siblings, she has two cousins from her aunt who are considered her siblings. During her childhood, Kehlani usually helps her aunt to babysit them.

The late Lexii Alijaii was an American rapper and had a sisterly relationship with Kehlani. According to Billboard, she passed away due to a vehicle accident resulting from a lethal mixture of fentanyl and ethanol on the 27th of January 2020. Kehlani mourns the American rapper’s death through Twitter.

Kehlani and her late cousin, Lexii Alijaii
Kehlani and her late cousin, Lexii Alijaii

Also, the R&B singer considers her childhood friend, Zendaya. Zendaya is an American actress and singer who also has a sisterly relationship with Kehlani. They grew up together in Oakland, California.

Kehlani with her friend, Zendaya
Kehlani with her friend, Zendaya, an American actress

They also built their careers together as they sang and almost put together in a band. Despite the distance between their career paths, they remained sisters even if they were not blood-related.

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