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Kelly Oubre Jr.: Kelly Oubre, Tonya Coleman, Siblings.

Image of Kelly Oubre, Jr.

Kelly Oubre Jr. is the epitome when it comes to young talent. Kelly is a professional basketball player who has played for the Golden State Warriors and Atlanta Hawks.

Moreover, Kelly Jr. was inspired by his father growing up. That is why he became an athlete.

Get to know Kelly Oubre Jr.’s father figure and motivation Kelly Oubre Sr. in this write-up. Moreover, find out if the star athlete has siblings.

Kelly Oubre’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Kelly Oubre, Jr.
Kelly Jr. is a professional and well-known NBA basketball player

Kelly Jr. was born to parents Kelly Oubre and Tonya Coleman.

There’s no exact love story about how Kelly Oubre Jr.’s parents met.

Kelly Oubre’s Father, Kelly Sr.

Image of Kelly Oubre, Jr. with his father, Kelly Oubre, Sr.
Kelly Oubre, Jr. with his father, Kelly Sr. Moreover, Kelly and Tonya divorced in 1999.

Kelly Oubre Jr. is the proud son of Kelly Sr.  Kelly Sr. won full custody of his son after his divorce from ex-wife Tonya. Moreover, Kelly Sr. has been the mother and father figure for Kelly Jr.

In addition, he raised his son as a single father. Furthermore, Kelly Sr. and Kelly Jr. went through so much.

The father and son lived in Housing projects until Hurricane Katrina destroyed everything.

It even went to the point that they had to sleep in Kelly Sr.’s car. The hardworking father worked three jobs to support his son.

Moreover, the father said in an interview that his son was art that’s personified because it was beautiful to watch his son grow up and chase his dreams.

Furthermore, the star said that his father was the reason why he worked hard.

Additionally, Kelly Sr. used to play basketball, and his son watched him growing up. He and his son both enjoy watching basketball.

Moreover, The father made it a goal to have his son play in the NBA. Additionally, he transferred his son to another school to prepare him.

Kelly Oubre’s Mother, Tonya Coleman

The athlete’s mother is Tonya Coleman, formerly Tonya Coleman Oubre.

She and her ex-husband divorced in 1999.

Unfortunately, information about Tonya Coleman’s recent activities is unknown.

Kelly Oubre’s Siblings

Kelly Jr. has two siblings: Amber Coleman and Gared Washington.

Gared Washington is also a basketball player like his brother. Meanwhile, Amber Coleman’s information and details are unavailable.

Kelly Oubre’s Wikipedia – info

Full Name

Kelly Paul Oubre Jr.

Date of Birth

December 9, 1995


Basketball player

Age (2022)

26 years old


Kelly Oubre Sr. and Tonya Coleman


Amber Coleman and Gared Washington

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