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Kevin Gates Parents: Martha Green Gates, Siblings

Image of Kevin Gates

The hip-hop artist behind the modern hits Big Gangsta (2019), Time For That (2016), Me Too (2018), and a lot more is Kevin Jerome Gilyard or better known by the mass as Kevin Gates.

Aside from being a rapper, he is also known as a businessman and a singer.

Gates’ career reached its peak when his first studio album, Islah (2016), was appreciated by people and sat at the second spot on Billboard 200 list in the US.

Before his present success, Kevin had a rough start in his vocation. After releasing his first mixtape in 2007, he got jailed up to 2011 due to a reason which is not publicly disclosed.

After serving his time, he immediately went back to making music, and he released various mixtapes, which are also critically acclaimed. Overall, the subject sold over a million copies of his mixtapes, singles, and album records.

Following the practices of Islam, the Muslim artist was born on February 5, 1986, in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is currently in his mid-30s.

Gates is biracial as it is known that his mother, Martha Gates, is a Puerto Rican, and in contrast, his father was an African-American of descent.

Kevin is a big brother to his two siblings, Brandon and an unnamed sister.

Continue to know more details about Islah’s artist, Kevin Gates’ parents, and siblings in this Wikipedia-type article.

Kevin Gates’ Father

Image of Kevin Gates
Kevin Gates is an American rapper, singer, and entrepreneur.

The father of the hip-hop star is unnamed. Kevin was separated from his father at a young age but made contact again when the artist was an adolescent.

Other details about this unnamed man are not available to the public, except that he succumbed to AIDS, leading to his death.

Martha Green Gates, Kevin’s Mother

The 36-year-old artist’s mother is Martha Green Gates. She has been married twice and gave birth to two more children in her second marriage.

Kevin stated that Martha tried her best to be a great mom but is almost always absent because of her work. She left her son in the care of his grandmother.

Kevin Gates’ Siblings

Brandon Gilyard and a private sister are Gates’ younger half-siblings.

Brandon was born on September 1, 1987, in Los Angeles, California. At present, he is a construction worker.

Kevin’s younger sister has pictures on the internet but no personal details. The three of them share a great bond and are very close to each other.

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