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Kris Jenner Parents : Mary Jo Campell and Robert Houghton

Image of Kris Jenner

Kristen Mary Houghton, also known as Kris Jenner, is one of the richest moguls of the century. Born on November 5, 1955, she became the most popular ‘mom-manager’ of the Kardashian sisters. She has a whopping 190 million dollars in total net worth.

The family got recognized for their TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, in which it is reported to earn at least 100 thousand dollars each episode. The self-made millionaire is the eldest daughter among two children of Mary Jo Campbell and Robert Houghton. The 66-year-old has been in the show, including her mother, Mary. Join some of the KUTWK episodes.

To know more of the stories behind Kris Jenner’s parents’ biography, career, and early life, continue to read the article below.

Kris Jenner’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Kris Jenner's parents, Mary Jo Campbell and Robert Houghton

Kris Jenner’s parents, Mary Jo Campbell and Robert Houghton

Jenner is a famous manager and partial owner of her daughter’s cosmetic brand is the daughter of Mary Jo Campbell and Robert Houghton. It was still unknown how Kris’s parents met. The couple was married for only seven years, and after some time, they divorced. There is no valid reason why Mary Jo and Robert decided to have a divorce after having two children.

Before getting divorced, the family was one of the well-lived families in San Diego.

Kris Jenner Mother: Mary Jo Campbell

Image of Kris Jenner with her mother, Mary Jo Campbell

Kris Jenner with her mother, Mary Jo Campbell

Mary Jo Campbell is an entrepreneur, model, and former teacher. On July 26, 1934, she was born in Arkansas, United States. At only fifteen years old, she studied fashion at Charm School of Fashionality. She is also the co-founder of Shannon & Company in San Diego.

Mary Jo was only eighteen years old when she married her first husband (unknown). At that time, the couple adored each other and enjoyed their teenage years as a young couple.

However, the marriage was not successful, and they decided to divorce after two months of marriage. After her first marriage, Kris’s mother married Robert True Houghton, and they have two children, Kris and Karen. The couple also divorced after seven years of marriage.

Mary Jo got into her third marriage with Harry Shannon, where they were married for 40 years. Unfortunately, Harry died in a car crash in 2003. Amidst all the unsuccessful weddings of Mary Jo, she is now happy with her expanding family.

Kris Jenner Father: Robert Houghton

There is little information that is gathered about her father, Robert Houghton. On May 12, 1931, he was born in San Diego, California. His first wife is Mary Jo Campbell; they owned a small company and later grew named Shannon & Company.

However, he did not focus much on the company. Instead, he mainly spent working as an aircraft engineer. Robert and Mary Jo decided to divorce after seven years of marriage.

Rober Houghton died in March 1975.

Kris Jenner’s Siblings

Image of Kris Jenner's sister, Karen Houghton

Kris Jenner’s sister, Karen Houghton

Jenner has only one sibling Karen Houghton. She is a part-time nurse in an unnamed hospital. She is also an author of two cookbooks entitled Naturally Gourmet Cookbook, published in 2010, and her second volume published in 2013.

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