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Kristin Kreuk Parents: Deanna Che, Peter Kreuk, Siblings.

Image of Kristin Kreuk a Canadian Actress

Kristin Laura Kreuk is an actress who is most well known for her work in Smallville and Burden of Truth.

Additionally, she has won the People’s Choice Awards for Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actress for her appearance in the 2012 series Beauty and the Beast.

Thus, fans are curious to know more about her support system growing up. So, here is all the information on Kristen Kreuk’s siblings and parents, Deanna Che and Peter Kreuk.

Kristin Kreuk’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Kristin Kruek Parents

Kristin Kruek Parents, Deanna Che and Peter Kreuk

Deanna Che and Peter Kreuk are the parents of Smallville star Kristin Kreuk. Furthermore, they had their daughter on December 30, 1982, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Thus, Kristin is currently 39 years old. However, not much is known about her parents’ love life. They prefer to keep their details out of the public spotlight.

Likewise, Kristin doesn’t discuss how they met publicly and has kept those details a secret.

Nevertheless, they were caring parents who supported their daughter in whatever she aimed for in her life.

Kristin Kreuk’s Mother, Deanna Che

There is not much information on the personal details of Deanne Che, who is the mother of Kristin Kreuk.

She is not active on social media and rarely publicly shares any of her details.

However, Deanne came from Indonesia and had Chinese blood, which she got from her grandmother’s side.

Kristin Kreuk’s Father, Peter Kreuk

Like Deanne, Peter is a very private person and does not share such information.

However, we know that he has Dutch ancestry and was very supportive of her daughter’s career.

He used to drive her around places where she had to shoot for films or television series.

Indeed, even early at four in the morning, he would get up to bring her to her next ample opportunity.

They are a very close father and daughter combination, and Kristin speaks of him fondly.

Kristin Kreuk’s Siblings

Her name is Justine Kreuk. According to the sources, Kristin has one sibling. She is a girl and is younger than her.

Additionally, they were raised together and had a close bond together. They would often play in their backyard and do some tumbling.

Likewise, they are still close to each other today.

Kristin Kreuk’s Wikipedia – info

Full Name Kristin Laura Kreuk
Date of Birth December 30, 1982
Place of Birth Vancouver, British Columbia
Age (2022) 39
Profession Actress

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