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Kyle Rittenhouse Parents: Wendy Rittenhouse, Michael Rittenhouse, Siblings

Image of Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse is a 19-year-old Illinois native who became famous after her arrest in 2020. He was charged with murdering two people and injuring a third person in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Kyle was found in possession of a military-style semi-automatic rifle which he claimed was given to him as a present from his friend.

He defended himself by saying that he had only gone to Kenosha to protect some buildings from damage by looters in the city and offer first aid to those who were hurt.

Kyle was charged with first-degree reckless homicide, recklessly endangering safety, intentional homicide, and attempted first-degree intentional homicide.

He was later acquitted of all his charges on 19th November in 2021. Let us learn more about his parents and siblings.

Kyle Rittenhouse’s Parents Love Life (where they met, when they got married, love life)

Image of Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse during his hearing after he shot two men

The exact date and place that Wendy and Michael Rittenhouse met are not known. However, they got married in February 2000 in Lake House, Illinois, where they stayed together.

The couple was blessed with three children. However, their marriage did not last as they divorced later in 2007 as Michael was domestically abusing Wendy.

Kyle Rittenhouse’s Mother Wendy Rittenhouse Biography

Image of Kyle Rittenhouses' mother, Wendy Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouses’ mother, Wendy Rittenhouse

Wendy Lewis Rittenhouse was born between the year 1965-1971. She was born in Antioch, Illinois. Apart from Antioch, she has also lived in other areas such as Lake Villa, Weston, Waukegan, Grayslake, and Highland Park.

She has an American nationality and is of white ethnicity. Regarding her education, it has been confirmed that she pursued a career in nursing.

Wendy gained popularity after her son Kyle was arrested in August 2020. She was named as a person of interest in the case as it was alleged that she was the one who had driven her son to Kenosha.  But this was later dismissed after she confirmed that her daughter’s boyfriend drove Kyle there. Wendy got married to Michael in February 2000, and they were blessed with three children.

However, in 2007 she filed against domestic abuse by her husband and later filed for a divorce. They both went on with their separate way of life.  Wendy is said to have dyslexia and was evicted from her house in 2018 due to failure to pay rent. In the same year, she filed for bankruptcy.

She was once hospitalized due to a failed attempt at a drug overdose. Wendy loves her children, which can be evidenced by how she stood by her son during his court proceedings till the very end.

Kyle Rittenhouse’s Father Michael Rittenhouse Biography

Image of Kyle Rittenhouse's father, Michael Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse’s father, Michael Rittenhouse

Michael Rittenhouse’s birth date and the place are not known as he is not so popular and does not like to speak much about his personal life.

However, it is known that he is from Wisconsin, United States, and has a white ethnic background. Michael married Wendy in 2000, and they were blessed with three children. His whole family spent most of their time moving around in different cities and towns.

During his marriage, Michael was unemployed, which drove him to alcohol addiction. Before he got unemployed, he worked as a cashier, housekeeper, and machine operator in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

He was charged with domestic battery in 2007 after hitting Wendy on her stomach, but he denied the claims, and the case was dismissed. This later led to their divorce, and he moved to Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Wendy filed a child support claim from him in 2014, and he was instructed by the court to pay $85 weekly until 31st May 2022.

His son, Kyle, visited him in Kenosha when he got involved in a mob riot that led him to shoot two men and injure another.

Kyle Rittenhouse’s Siblings

Kyle grew up in a family with two siblings. Faith Rittenhouse (sister) was born in August 2000, and McKenzie Rittenhouse (sister) was born in December 2003.

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