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Lady Sarah Chatto Parents: Princess Margaret, Antony Armstrong Jones, Siblings

Image of Lady Sarah Chatto

To be born into royalty is something most of us can only dream about happening to ourselves. This dream is not the case for Lady Sarah Chatto, the daughter of a British princess.

Also, she is the niece of the Queen, but she is also a talented and skilled artist.

She paints landscapes and studied art for A-Levels and college. Additionally, she attended the Royal Academy School for art as well.

So, since she has an outstanding talent and background in arts, she often displays her artworks.

Also, she began displaying her art in 1996 and has won awards for her talented work.

Being royal, it’s only natural that people are curious about her family. So, who are Sarah Frances Elizabeth Chatto’s parents?

Read more about Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong Jones in this article.

Lady Sarah Chatto’s Parents’ Love Story

Image of Lady Sarah Chatto
Lady Sarah Chatto, the only daughter of Princess Margaret and the niece of Queen Elizabeth II.

So, Princess Margaret and Antony officially met at a dinner party held by a mutual friend.

Still, they previously encountered each other when he was a photographer at her friend’s wedding.

Later, they married, but mixed reactions were about a commoner marrying a princess.

Yet behind the fairytale, their marriage ended after 18 years because Margaret was always out late at night to go to parties.

Also, Antony had many affairs because he had a sexual addiction.

Moreover, he is known to have long experiences with both men and women before his marriage.

Then, it was known that he had an illegitimate daughter right before marrying the princess.

Also, they decided to have a divorce when Lady Sarah was only 12 years old. Additionally, this happened in 1978.

Mother of Lady Sarah Chatto, Princess Margaret

Image of Lady Sarah Chatto with her mother, Princess Margaret
Lady Sarah Chatto with her mother, Princess Margaret

Lady Sarah’s mother is named Princess Margaret, and her official title is the Countess of Snowdon.

She is the sister of the current Queen Elizabeth, and she is widely known for being a British socialite.

Moreover, being the daughter of a king in her youth, she was previously second in line to be Queen.

But when her sister took over and had children, she lost her position as second in line.

Father off Lady Sarah Chatto, Antony Armstrong Jones

Lady Sarah’s father is named Antony Armstrong Jones, and he was an artist through photographs.

Also, this is likely where Lady Sarah got her talent in the arts.

Lady Sarah Chatto’s Wikipedia – info

NameLady Sarah Frances Elizabeth Chatto
OccupationBritish Royalty
Alternate nameSarah Armstrong-Jones
Age57 years old (as of 2022)

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