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Lana Condor Parents: Mary Condor, Bob Condor and Siblings

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Lana condor Parents, Mary Condor, Bob Condor

The “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” actress Lana Condor stole many hearts with her portrayal of Lara Jean. Born in Vietnam but grew up in the United States, what do we know about her adoptive parents, Mary and Bob Condor?

Read about their relationship here and find out the support system behind Lana Condor’s success, parents Mary and Bob Condor and her siblings.

Mother Mary Condor

Mary Carol Haubold Condor and her husband adopted Lana on October 6, 1997. Lana’s Vietnamese name is Tran Dong Lan, but her parents renamed Lana when she was adopted. She was only about 17 weeks old when she was adopted. Moreover, they also adopted Lana’s brother Arthur at this time.

Lana Condor's mother, Mary Condor

Lana Condor’s mother, Mary Condor

Additionally, when Lana was growing up, her parents ensured she and her brother stayed connected to their Vietnamese heritage. Moreover, they were very supportive of her career. Her parents enrolled her in various lessons, such as dancing. Yet, she was drawn to acting.

Moreover, despite this, they wanted Lana and her brother to complete their education first and foremost. Yet luckily, they let Lana take a gap year to pursue her acting career.

Moreover, Mary is of Irish ancestry but grew up in the United States.

Father Bob Condor

Lana Condor’s father is named Bob Condor. Additionally, Bob is of Hungarian ancestry but grew up in the United States. Mary and Bob have no biological children, so they adopted two children in Asia. Hence, their two children are Lana and Arthur.

Lana Condor's father, Bob Condor

Lana Condor’s father, Bob Condor

Moreover, Bob was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. This nomination was for his talent in journalism—additionally, the Vice President of Yahoo! Sports.

Lana Condor Parents Love Story

We do not know much about Mary and Bob’s love life. Yet, we do know that they do not have biological children. They went to China to adopt children, but that did not work out. After that, they went to Vietnam, where they met and adopted Lana and Arthur.

Furthermore, after the adoption, they moved to Chicago. The Candor family lived in Chicago for six years. After that, they moved to Washington State and lived on an island, according to Lana.


Lana Condor has a younger adopted brother named Arthur. He was adopted together with Lana in Vietnam. Moreover, he is not Lana’s brother by blood. Hence, they were only adopted together.

Lana condor with her brother, Arthur

Lana condor with her brother, Arthur Condor

Moreover, Arthur Condor finished college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He took up Economics with Mathematical Emphasis. Currently, he is in the United States Navy. In addition, his position as an officer.

Quick Facts

Name Lana Therese Condor
Place of Birth Vietnam
Vietnamese Name Tran Dong Lan
Date of birth May 11, 1997
Siblings 1 (Arthur Condor)
Age 24

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