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Laura Harrier Parents: Linda Sagan Harrier, Temujin Harrier, Siblings

The Evanston native actress has always had something going for her. At only 17 years old, Laura Harrier was scouted to be an actress by someone in the industry.

So, with this opportunity, she moved to The Big Apple and started her career there.

Also, her most known roles are her work in Spiderman Homecoming and BlacKkKlansman.

Additionally, she has nominations for her talented acting skills.

Also, her mother is to thank for her acting career. So, who are Laura Ruth Harrier’s Parents? Read more about Linda Sagan Harrier and Temujin Harrier in this article.

Laura Harrier’s Parents’ Love Story

Image of Laura Harrier
Laura Harrier is a well-known American actress and model.

Sadly, not much is known about the love story of Tem and Laura. They prefer to stay out of the limelight and protect their privacy. But we do know that they are still happily married today.

Mother Linda Sagan Harrier

Image of Laura Harrier with her mother, Linda Harrier
Laura Harrier with her mother, Linda Harrier

Laura Harrier’s mother is named Linda Sagan Harrier. She is a caucasian woman, and she has both Polish and English blood. Also, she works in the medical field as a speech pathologist.

Moreover, this came in handy because she had a problem speaking when Laura was very young.

This speech problem lasted until she was three years old, but her mother was able to fix it because of her background as a speech pathologist.

Moreover, we can thank Linda for Laura being a well-known actress today.

Furthermore, this is because Laura was timid and introverted as a young kid.

So, her mother thought enrolling her in acting lessons could lessen her shyness and help her be more confident.

It worked because she went on to star in so many good movies.

Father Temujin Harrier

Image of Laura Harrier's parents, Temujin and Linda Harrier
Laura Harrier’s parents, Temujin and Linda Harrier

Laura’s father is named Temujin Harried, an African American man. Additionally, his close friends and family prefer to call him Tem. Also, Tem works in the insurance business.

According to Laura, she had a very normal childhood because her parents were not in the movie industry.

Yet, she enjoyed having a normal childhood and was very happy growing up.

Laura Harrier’s Siblings

Laura has one brother named Bill Harrier, and they are on good terms. Bill is younger than his movie star sister.

Also, Laura congratulated her brother for graduating high school on Instagram. So this shows that she loves and cares for her brother.

Laura Harrier’s Wikipedia – info

NameLaura Ruth Harrier
Age31 years old (as of 2022)
OccupationActress and Model
Relationship statusUnmarried

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