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Leslie Odom Jr. Parents: Leslie Odom Sr.

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Image of Leslie Odom, Jr.

The talented tenor vocalist and actor Leslie Odom Jr. has taken Broadway and Hollywood by storm since his first role in Rent. Who are the proud parents of this fantastic singer and actor? Read about his father, Leslie Odom Sr., and his mother here.

Leslie Odom Jr.’s Mother

Image of Leslie Odom, Jr.

Leslie Odom, Jr. is an actor who cast on a musical show called “Hamilton”

Leslie Odom Jr. has not released the name of his mother publicly. Yet, despite this, we know that he was born to his mother and father on August 6, 1981, in New York City.

Currently, his mother and father will be moving in with Leslie Jr. and his wife, Nicolette Robinson. This relocation is because they have decided to help in raising their grandchildren.

Leslie Jr. and his wife Nicolette have two children. Their children’s names are Lucille Ruby Odom and Able Phineas Odom.

Moreover, Since Leslie and Nicolette are both actors, they have a full schedule most days. Hence, Leslie’s parents have agreed to move to California to care for their grandchildren.


Leslie Odom Jr.’s Father Leslie Odom Sr.

Image of Leslie Odom, Jr. with his family

Leslie Odom, Jr. with his family

Leslie has the same name as his father, Leslie Odom Sr. Moreover, his father worked in sales in New York City, United States, as Leslie Jr. grew up.

Leslie Junior calls his father his inspiration. Additionally, he even says that he got his taste in music from his father and mother growing up.

In an interview, Leslie Jr. says that he never thought he would play musician Sam Cooke in the movie One Night in Miami.

To add, he received a nomination for two Golden Globe Awards for this role. Moreover, he said he prepared for this role by listening to his parent’s old records.

Leslie Odom Jr.’s Grandparents

Leslie Jr. explores his roots with the help of Ancestry, which is a way of tracking your family tree. Leslie learned about his grandfather on his mother’s side named, Benjamin Nixon.

Moreover, it was revealed that Leslie Jr. spent a lot of time with Benjamin as he grew up but wanted to know more about the family history.

In this program, Leslie Jr. learns that his great grandfather was born in South Africa and moved to New York in November 1920.

Moreover, his grandfather was Assistant Steward and a Chef of the ship he rode to the United States. When Leslie’s grandfather arrived in America, he decided to stay.

Leslie Odom Jr.’s Wikipedia – info

Name Leslie Odom Jr.
Age 40
Date of Birth August 6, 1981
Spouse Nicolette Robinson
Children 2
Occupation Actor and Singer


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