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Home » Lester Holt’s Parents: June Holt and Lester Holt Sr., and Siblings

Lester Holt’s Parents: June Holt and Lester Holt Sr., and Siblings

Lester Holt’s Parents, June Holt and Lester Holt Sr. and Siblings

Lester Don Holt Jr. is a professional news anchor and journalist. He is known as Lester Holt by his profession. The news anchor’s interest and expertise in his career derived from his practices of reading news articles with his family at a young age.

He is famously known for being a permanent news anchor for NBC Nightly News: Weekly Edition and in a weekly reality legal show, Dateline NBC.

This article will discuss Lester Holt’s parents, June and Lester Holt Sr., and siblings.

Lester Holt’s Parents Love Life

In California, Lester Holt’s parents, June and Lester Holt Sr., somewhat met. They also planned to build their family in the same place.

In an interview with his older brother, Mike Swanigan, the NBC news anchor mentioned that California will always be his home spiritually even if he moved to New York.

Lester Holt and his older brother, Mike, reminisced their parent’s hobby. They usually talk about the world and current events even at the dinner table. June and Lester always require their children to read the first sections from daily newspapers.

Lester Holt’s Father, Lester Don Holt Sr., Biography

Lester Don Holt Sr. is an American soldier and technician in the US Air Force Base outside San Francisco in Marin County and fought during the Vietnam war. Like his son, Lester Holt Sr. attended college at California State University. The difference is the father graduated.

Lester Holt Father facts

Lester Holt’s father named Lester Don Holt senior was an American Soldier

Lester Holt’s Mother, June Holt, Biography

Journalist Lester Holt’s Mother, June Holt, is a regional planner in California. She was born in New York as of June DeRozario. Her parents originated from Jamaica, then moved to New York after getting married.

On 2007’s Mother’s day, the TODAY anchor, Lester Holt, narrates his emotional moment with her mom, June, after her trip to Jamaica. June Holt had only been to Jamaica once, and it was an emotional trip.

Lester Holt with his mother, June Holt

Lester Holt, along with his Mother, June Holt

Both of them don’t have an idea that most of their ancestor’s heritage still exists in their hometown, including the anchor’s grandparent’s house and great-grandparent’s church.

Before her marriage with Lester Sr., June had her first marriage with Mike Swanigan’s father. The identity of her first husband hasn’t been revealed, but they had two children, Mike and his older sister.

Lester Holt’s Siblings

Lester Holt is usually called by his older brother’s collegues “Swani’s brother.” in all of Lester Holt’s three siblings, he only introduced his older brother, Mike Swanigan, to the public. Mike Swanigan is a pilot, which led him to become the first African-American chief pilot in Alaska Airlines.

Like his younger brother, Mike Swanigan also had career experience in the media field as he worked for a local radio station in Alaska before becoming a pilot. He also hosts a podcast series, Talking Flight, where he talks about career life with interesting people he met on his flying career as his guests.

Lester Holt's brother, Mike Swanigan

Lester Holt’s brother, Mike Swanigan

In May 2019, the two brothers, Lester Holt and Mike Swanigan, reunited in an Alaska Beyond Interview. They reminisced about their childhood during the interview, which became the root of their interest in broadcasting, and discussed aviation.

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