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Lil Mosey Parents: Mother Angela Thatcher, and Siblings

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Lil Mosey’s Parents, Mother Angela Thatcher, and Siblings

Lil Mosey is an American Hip-hop rapper, legally known as Lathan Moses Stanley Echols. The hip-hop rapper has resided in California since his reputation rose to fame in 2017. He is best known for his released single track ‘Blueberry Faygo’ in 2020.

Lil Mosey was born in Mountlake Terrace on the 25th day of January 2002 to his mother, Angela Thatcher. After a few years of his birth, he moved and grew up in Seattle with his mother and siblings.

In April 2021, Mosey faced a 2nd-degree rape charge and was later found guilty on the allegations of sexual assault of two women at a party he hosted on January 5, the same year.

This article reveals information about Lil Mosey’s parents and siblings. Never miss this out by reading the article until the end.

Lil Mosey’s Parents Love Life

The marriage of Angela Thatcher and her husband, Mr. Echols, seemed didn’t work out. The former couple’s marriage lasted until the American rapper reached the age of two. After ending their marriage, Angela moved to Seattle with their children.

Lil Mosey’s Father Biography

Ever since Lil Mosey’s reputation increased, he never talked about his father in showbiz. Mr. Echol left all his responsibilities as a father to his ex-wife, Angela Thatcher. Lil Mosey and his siblings grew up in the absence of their father.

Lil Mosey's father facts
Lil Mosey’s father named Mr. Echol

Lil Mosey’s Mother, Angela Thatcher Biography

Angela Thatcher is a full-time mom of Lil Mosey and his siblings. She raised her three children in Seattle without the help of his husband. Although she put standards on Mosey’s career path in the future, Angela Thatcher happily supports her child’s music career. In several interviews, the 20-year-old rapper always mentioned her as a supportive mother, including CUFBOY’s Mom Interview and XXL’s ‘Who Am I?’

In her Instagram account, Lil Mosey’s mother, Angela, mostly shows her love towards her children and grandchild. She shares some highlight events of her family. In addition, Angela is deeply in love with her only grandson, and she’s proud to be a grandmother.

Lil Mosey with his mother, Angela Thatcher
Lil Mosey with his mother, Angela Thatcher

Lil Mosey’s Siblings

Quinnell and Noah Echols are Lil Mosey’s older brothers, making him the youngest. The eldest child, Quinnell, mostly hangs out with the hip-hop rapper. They usually travel to different cities together. On the other hand, Noah Echols recently married Carla Valencia, an Instagram famous, on the 11th of September 2021.

They are a proud parent of their toddler son, Eziyah. Noah’s son, Eziyah, is usually exposed to the Instagram account of his grandmother, Angela Thatcher.

Lil Mosey with his siblings and Niece
Lil Mosey with his siblings, Quinnell and Noah Echols, and Niece, Eziyah

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