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Logan Browning Parents: Lynda, Browning, Larry Browning, Siblings

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Logan Laurice, better known by her stage name Logan Browning is a 32-year-old Hollywood actress star.

She is most recognized for her role, Samantha, in the Netflix satire drama series Dear White People, in 2017.

Logan was also notable ten years ago for her leading role as Sasha in the live-action movie based on the iconic fashion doll line, Bratz.

Browning participated in various hobbies when she was a kid, from dancing for a local dance troupe to cheerleading in her high school days.

Later, at the age of 14, she began her modeling career by enrolling in classes at the Barbizon and Acting School in Atlanta.

Logan’s acting career started as Carrie’s personality in Summerland, a WBS series.

Afterward, she rose to prominence and got successful in her acting profession quickly.

Logan graduated from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, and was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on June 9, 1989.

She is mixed-raced and was adopted by both African-American parents, Lynda and Larry Browning.

Continue reading to know more about the Hollywood stars’ biological and adoptive parents in this Wikipedia-like biography.

Logan Browning’s Biological Parents

Image of Logan Browning

Logan Browning is a well-known American actress.

In one of her interviews on The Breakfast Club in 2018, the actress revealed that she was adopted and that her biological mother is an American native, while her father is black.

She had never met her parents and had recently discovered that she had been adopted as a child.

Larry Browning, Logan’s Father

Image of Logan Browning with her father, Larry Browning

Logan Browning with her father, Larry Browning

Logan’s father, Larry Browning, sadly passed away from illness. Before his death, he had a close relationship with his daughter and was a massive supporter of Logan’s acting career.

Personal information concerning his death, such as the date and condition, is not available to the public.

Logan’s Mother, Lynda Browning

Image of Logan Browning with her mother, Lynda Browning

Logan Browning with her mother, Lynda Browning

Lynda Browning is best known as the adoptive mother of the Hollywood rising star. There is no more information available regarding her mother’s life and professions, such as her date of birth or age.

On the other hand, Lynda and Logan often see each other in Los Angeles and frequently travel and spend vacations altogether.

Logan’s Siblings

Logan is not an only child, and she has three brothers, Keith, Chad, and Clinton Browning. Details about these men are not publicly available as of the moment.

This page will be immediately updated once we get more facts about them.

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