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Logic Parents: Robert Bryson Hall, Mother, Siblings

Image of Logic

Sir Robert Bryson Hall II works professionally as an American rapper and record producer. Over the years, he has released several albums and mixtapes, namely: Young, Broke & Infamous, Young Sinatra, Under Pressure, and The Incredible True Story.

Logic married Jessica Andrea (2015-2018), and his current wife is Brittney Noell (2019). He mainly majors in Hip Hop genre of music and has been nominated twice by the Grammys.

Here is everything available on the two most influential people in his life, his parents. Read about his unknown mother and father, Robert Bryson.

Logic Parents Love Life

Image of Logic
Logic, also known as Sir Robert Dyson Hall II, is a professional and well-known American Rapper.

Logic’s parents did not have a steady relationship. While there are no exact details around their love life, we do know that they’d eventually tie the knot in America.

It is safe to assume that things were not significant based on their hometown. Both his parents were drugs and alcohol addicts who spent most of their time arguing in the house, fighting, and eventually hurting each other. The whole family lived in the West Deer Park neighborhood.

Logic’s Mother Biography

Logic’s mother has not been disclosed yet, and neither has her date of birth been mentioned. However, it is known that she had an American nationality and white ethnicity. Moreover, Mrs. Hall was an alcoholic addict.

Other than that, she is also reportedly racist. Over the years, she has been called out for hating black people, which is surprising, as she dated several African American men. Moreover, she even had biracial children.

Unsurprisingly, Logic does not have a good relationship with his mother. However, he still refers to her as a good person despite his terrible childhood.

Mrs. Hall would come back home and fill his children’s ears with tales of rape and prostitution stories. Logic got overwhelmed by her habits, eventually leaving home at 17.

He instead chose to live with his grandmother, Mary Jo. Over time, he grew fond of his grandma, eventually considering her a mother.

Logic’s Father Robert Bryson Hall Biography

Image of Logic with his father, Robert Dyson Hall
Logic with his father, Robert Dyson Hall

Logic did not have a good experience growing up with his father. His father was also a drug addict, particularly invested in cocaine intake. Robert was never present for his family as he was always outside, looking for drug sellers to satisfy his addictions.

He would later come back home and start arguing with his wife, insulting each other. Shockingly, he’d even beat her in front of the children.

An interesting fact is that he used to buy cocaine from his children. Currently, he is trying to get back on track by being sober.

He regrets the life that his children had to pass through. Additionally, Robert and Logic are currently trying to rekindle their relationship.


The logic was not the only child. He lived together with his seven half-siblings, sisters and brothers combined. Although they were all biracial, he was the only one who looked more of a white-descent than the rest.

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