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Loretta Lynn Parents: Clara Marie Ramey Webb, Melvin Theodore Webb

Image of Loretta Lynn

The legendary country singer and songwriter has left her mark on the music industry. Loretta Lynn is an eighteen-time Grammy nominee and winner of three.

Also, she toured for about 57 years before stopping in 2017 because of health conditions.

Moreover, Loretta’s story is a heart-touching one. She and her family went from rags to riches when Loretta gained recognition with her songs.

So, who are Loretta Lynn’s parents? Read about Clara Marie Webb and Melvin Theodore Webb here.

Loretta Lynn’s Parents’ Love Story

Image of Loretta Lynn

Loretta Lynn is an American singer-songwriter. In a career that spans six decades in country music

Ted and Clara Marie married and raised eight children in Butcher’s Hollow.

Ted would work in the coal mine while Clara Marie took care of the children.

Then, after Ted died due to black lung disease, Clara Marie married Tommy Butcher.

Also, her second husband is her first cousin of Tom.

Loretta Lynn’s Father, Melvin Theodore Webb

Melvin Theodore was often called Ted by those around him. He was a coal miner and farmer in Kentucky.

Sadly, this job slowly destroyed his lungs and eventually caused his death. Hence, Ted developed black lung disease.

So, black lung disease happens when a worker is exposed to coal dust for a long time. Additionally, this death occurred after the Webb family moved to Indiana.

Yet, Loretta describes her father as a happy man. According to her, Ted was a shy man who did not talk much but always smiled.

Also, Loretta’s most known song is Coal Miner’s Daughter, which is about her life and her father’s work as a coal miner.

But the song is about how a low-income family struggled to survive yet still found happiness in each other’s company.

Loretta Lynn’s Mother, Clara Marie Ramey Webb

Clara Marie has Irish and Cherokee ancestry. Clara grew up on her own when her mother passed away early in life.

Also, she took care of other people’s children after her mother passed away because she lived with several different families.

Then, Clara moved to Indiana and worked in a center for challenged children.

Clara, unfortunately, developed lung cancer. She already had one whole lung and part of the second removed because of cancer.

Despite this, she passed away in 1981 due to heart failure. Yet, she lived a long life and died at 69.

Additionally, Loretta was very close with her mother. Her mother once came on stage with her on the Wilburn Brothers Show in 1970.

Their chemistry was evident, and they had a loving relationship.

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