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Luke Combs Parents: Rhonda, Chester Combs, Siblings.

Image of Luke Combs American country singer

Luke Albert Combs is a well-known singer from North Carolina. Moreover, he had his start at Carnegie Hall in New York City and created country music.

Additionally, he is most famous for his work album, What You See Is What You Get.

Luke is an acclaimed artist and has been nominated twice for the Grammy Awards and was honored as the Entertainer of the Year for 2021.

Country lovers worldwide are curious to know more about the star’s family background. Thus, get to know his siblings and parents, Rhonda and Chester Combs.

Luke Combs’ Parents’ Love Life

Image of Luke Combs with his parents Rhonda and Chester Combs

The singer with his parents, Rhonda and Chester Combs

It is unknown when Chester and Rhonda married, but they have been together for now. At first, they lived in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Then, Rhonda gave birth to her son, Luke, on March 2, 1990. Afterward, they moved to Asheville when their son was about eight years old.

Luke praised how frugal and financially wise his parents were.

Indeed, they lived within their means and weren’t concerned with purchasing things out of their budget.

Rhonda and Chester contributed significantly to his character and values today. Likewise, they were positive role models for Luke to follow.

In return for the endless love and support his parents gave him, he gave back to them by helping them retire early once he got famous.

His parents supported him throughout his entire career, and they have a very close relationship.

Luke Combs’ Father, Chester Combs

Chester Combs, father of the Doin’ This artist, is from North Carolina.

Furthermore, he worked in maintenance for his whole career.

Additionally, he took great care of his money and ensured that Luke could have a good education.

Luke Combs’ Mother, Rhonda

The mother of Luke Combs is Rhonda. However, there is not much information about her details.

However, some sources claim that she was working as a housekeeper. Since they were not extremely wealthy, Rhonda and Chester had to watch their finances closely.

Luke praised them for teaching him to be responsible with his money and many good habits.

Luke Combs’ Siblings

Luke is an only child.

Indeed, his parents, Rhonda and Chester, only had him and did not give him any other siblings.

Luke Combs’ Wikipedia – info 

Full Name

Luke Albert Combs



Date of Birth

March 2, 1990

Place of Birth

Charlotte, North Carolina, US

Age (2022)


Relationship Status



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