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Lynda Carter Parents: Colby Carter, Juana Cordova, Siblings

Image of Lynda Carter a TV star/Personality

She is known for her astounding beauty and range in different entertainment fields. Lynda Jean Cordova Carter is a name that is familiar to those that are alive during her prime as a show business figure.

She is famous for being a contender for Miss World USA in 1972 and being crowned that year’s winner.

She also competed in the same year’s Miss World but fell short after being unable to proceed to the Top 10.

Aside from joining renowned beauty pageants, Lynda is also known to be one of the actresses that played Wonder Woman.

The DC comic book superhero was aired in the years between 1975 to 1979 and showed the actress as the frontrunner.

She became a singer for years to follow and is still active within the industry.

Curious about who the parents of Miss World 1972 are? Does the actress have any other siblings? Learn more about her family by reading the article below.

Lynda Carter’s Parents’ Love Life

Lynda was born in Phoenix, Arizona, out of the love of Colby and Juanita Carter.

However, there is limited information about the couple’s passion since the actress prefers that her parents stay out of the public’s eyes.

Moreover, one can attest that her parents have unique physical features since she won a primary beauty contest.

We are currently searching for any information about her parent’s love life. We’ll update this article if new info comes up.

Lynda Carter’s Father Colby Carter’s Biography

Image of Lynda Carter an American Actress
Lynda Carter, an American Actress

Her father’s bloodline and heritage may have contributed to Lynda’s physical attractiveness. Colby Carter is believed to have come from a biracial family. He is part English and part Scottish and Irish.

Even decades after the star’s prominence and prime, her beauty is still reminiscent of her prosperous past.

Lynda Carter’s mother, Juana Carter’s Biography

Image of Lynda Carter a Beauty Pageant Tittle Holder
Lynda Carter, a Beauty Pageant Title Holder

On the other hand, Juana is also from a family with a long line of cultural diversity. She is believed to have come from a Mexican, Spanish, and French heritage.

She and her husband’s backgrounds prepared the singer to be the ultimate melting pot of gorgeousness.

Not much is known about her, and from its looks, Lynda might not be ready to say it to the masses.


Lynda is one of the three kids that the couple had. She has a brother named Vincent Carter and a sister Pamela Carter.

However, not much is known about the two siblings. But we are looking into other information regarding them.

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