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Maggie Mac Neil Parents: Susan McNair, Edward Mac Niel, Siblings

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Image of Magie macneil showing her gold medal victory

The Olympic gold medalist for Canada had a legendary performance in 2020. Maggie Mac Neil is 22 years old and has already won an Olympic medal in Tokyo.

Also, she is the record holder for the 50-meter backstroke with a time of 25.27.

Also, Maggie first swam in a school competition in 2008 when Nicole was younger. Now, she has a Speedo sponsorship and is also an ambassador for the brand.

Moreover, Maggie is adopted. Her Canadian parents adopted her in Jiujiang, Jiangxi, China.

Additionally, she was adopted at one year old and brought to Canada by her adoptive parents.

So, read about the parents of Maggie Mac Neil, Susan McNair and Edward Mac Niel here.

Maggie Mac Neil’s Father Edward Mac Niel

Image of magie mcneil, canadian competitive swimmer
Magie McNeil, Canadian competitive swimmer

Edward comes from New Waterford, Nova Scotia. Now, he lives in Ontario, Canada, and works as a doctor.

Moreover, for the 2020 Olympics, Edward and the family only watched Maggie from a live show from Canada while his daughter competed in Tokyo.

Additionally, they watched her from Lake Huron in Ontario. Also, they were not able to watch their daughter play live because the world was at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, they had to watch from their home country.

Maggie Mac Neil’s Mother Susan McNair

Magie Mcneil, Americas record holder in the women’s 100-meter butterfly event. Susan Mcnair is the mother of Maggie.

Moreover, she is a Canadian native and works as a doctor, like Edward’s husband. Specifically, she is a physician.

Also, she has a prestigious role in the field because she works as a medical director in the Domestic Violence Treatment Center.

Additionally, she works in London, Ontario and the family also lives there.

Moreover, Susan was also present in Lake Huron during the live viewing of Maggie’s Tokyo game.

Also, they said that after the game, Maggie was squinting at the scoreboard. Her parents said that because she was not wearing glasses or contacts at that time, she was having a hard time seeing.

Yet, her parents knew that she had won and they were very happy.

Maggie Neil’s Siblings

Maggie has one sister. Her sister’s name is Clara Mac Niel, and she attends the same school as her sister. Hence, they both attend the University of Michigan in the United States.

Also, they are very close, and Clara often appears on Maggie’s Instagram. Additionally, Maggie recently posted a picture with her sister on Christmas 2021.

The picture was of Maggie and Clara wearing pajamas in the snow with the caption “Wouldn’t be Christmas without our annual Christmas PJs photo.”

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