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Maggie Q Parents: Kathy Quigley, Dennis Quigley, Siblings

Image of Maggie Q

Maggie Q is one of the most famous actors in Asia. She is well known to feature in some films like Rush Hour with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker and Tom Cruise’s films: Mission Impossible III. On May 22, 1979, the actress was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Her full name is Margaret Denise Quigley. Her parents, Kathy and Dennis, met during the Vietnam war. Her father, Dennis, is a Polish and Irish man, while her mother, Kathy, is pureblood Vietnamese.

Before entering modeling and show business, Maggie worked as a model in three different countries like Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

To know more about the actress’s parents’ biography, career, and love life, continue to read the article below.

Maggie Q’s Parents’ love life

Image of Maggie Q
Maggie Q is a well-known actress and model. She’s famous for her appearances in movies like “Divergent,” “Mission: Impossible III,” “Live Free or Die Hard,” “Priest,” and “Fantasy Island.”

Maggie Q’s parents have a unique love story, for they met during the Vietnam war. During those times, Dennis visited Vietnam, and it was unexpected that the country was under guerilla conflict.

Either way, the couple later on survived and stayed safe during the war, and they migrated to Hawaii to have more safety and work opportunities.

Maggie Q has four siblings, she is the youngest among the four, and some are her half-sisters.

Her mother got married and divorced from her first marriage and then finally had a successful marriage to Dennis.

Maggie Q’s mother: Kathy Quigley

Kathy Quigley was born and raised in Vietnam. There is no information about the actress’s mother’s early life, birth date, parents, or simple biography; however, she met her husband, Dennis.

During the war, the couple decided to migrate to the states and start a new life, with safer and more business and work opportunities. Kathy worked as a Property investor.

Kathy was married, but it was unsuccessful; she had two children with her first marriage and later has adopted Dennis’s last name.

Maggie Q’s father: Dennis Quigley

There is no information about the actress’s father. However, Dennis Quigley came of Polish and Irish descent but lived in New York.

It is still unknown how and why Dennis came to Vietnam during the war. Either way, Dennis is lucky to meet his wife, Kathy, and made a humble family when they migrated to Hawaii.

Again, personal details about Dennis like birth date, age, career, and early life are not known.

Maggie Q’s siblings

Maggie belongs to a big family. She is the youngest among the five children. The actress has two older half-sisters who came from a previous marriage with her mother. The personal details of Maggie Q’s siblings are not known.

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