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Malcolm Gladwell Parents: Joyce Gladwell, Graham Gladwell, Siblings

Image of Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Timothy Gladwell comes to mind regarding social and psychological books.

One of his famous books is David and Goliath, The Tipping Point, and Talking To Strangers. Moreover, he is a Bestselling Author.

As a child, he was into writing. Moreover, his knowledge of social science and life is broad.

However, he went on a different road as a career. But it seems writing was destined for him.

So he took up a journalist role and eventually became an author. According to him, his parents are why he pursued such a career.

Therefore, let’s learn more about Joyce and Graham Gladwell in this article.

Malcolm Gladwell’s Parents Love Life.


Image of Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell, an English-born Canadian journalist, author, and public speaker

Gladwell shares bits of his parents’ love story in a Washington Post article. According to him, his parents met in the 50s.

They were both in the Christian Union in London. Moreover, they attended the same University.

After Joyce graduated, Graham started courting her. After a while, they got married. However, Graham’s parents disapproved of an interracial wedding.

Back in those days, it was revolutionary to marry a different race. But they showed their love for each other.

Eventually, his parents’ accepted them. So, they spent some time happily married before Graham’s passing.

Malcolm Gladwell’s Father, Graham Gladwell’s biography

Graham Maurice Leslie Gladwell was born in England. He came to be on February 21, 1934. Unfortunately, he left this world on March 11, 2017.

He is the son of Doris and Basil Gladwell and has a brother. Sources state that he went to college in London. There he graduated in mathematics.

Soon after, he became a professor at a university in Waterloo. Moreover, he was also a writer of various school books. Furthermore, he is the reason his son became a writer.

Malcolm Gladwell’s Mother: Joyce Gladwell biography.

Image of Malcolm Gladwell with his mother, Joyce Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell with his mother, Joyce Gladwell

Joyce Nation was born in 1931 in Jamaica. In regards to her family and background, we have some details. Most of the information comes from Gladwell’s book: Outliers.

Her mother’s name is Daisy. Moreover, she has an older sister named Faith. Additionally, she has ancestral connections to a mixed woman. She also has the bloodline of the Igbo tribe in Africa.

As a child of the 1940s, she was blessed to receive an education. Afterward, she became a psychotherapist.

Malcolm Gladwell’s Siblings

The journalist has two brothers, Geoffrey and Graham Jr. Unfortunately, detailed information on them is not accessible.

Malcolm Gladwell’s Wikipedia – info¬†

Full Name

Malcolm Timothy Gladwell


September 3, 1963

Age (2022)

58 years old


Fareham, United Kingdom


journalist, author, and public speaker

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