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Marcus Scribner Parents: Angela, Troy Scribner, Siblings.

Image of Marcus Scribner

Marcus Scribner is a young rising actor. Moreover, he is famous for being the voice of Bow in the hit cartoon series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

Furthermore, the young actor is taking the world of acting by storm—moreover, his father’s inspiration for his success, who raised him.

Do you want to get more scoop about Marcus Scribner’s father, Troy Scribner, and his mother, Angela? Scroll through here to know more. Also, get to know his sister.

Marcus Scribner’s Parents’ Love Life.

Image of Marcus Scribner with his parents, Troy and Angela Scribner
Marcus Scribner with his parents, Troy and Angela Scribner

Marcus was born to parents Troy Scribner and Angela Scribner.

Unfortunately, the actor has not shared anything about his parents.

Moreover, the story of how Troy and Angela crossed is unknown.

Marcus Scribner’s Father, Troy Scribner

Marcus’ father is Troy Scribner. Moreover, he was born on January 27th, 1971, and he celebrated his 50th birthday last 2021.

Furthermore, Troy hails proudly from Los Angeles.

It seems like the actor and his sister are close to their father. Their closeness is visible in the photos Marcus tweeted during his father’s birthday.

Unfortunately, details about Tony Scribner’s profession and personal life are unknown.

In addition, Troy Scribner is a fan of baseball. He mostly posts photos of him watching baseball games on his Instagram page.

Furthermore, Troy often shows his affection and love for his children on his social media page.

You can see that the father is proud of his children’s accomplishments.

Marcus Scribner’s Mother, Angela

Image of Marcus Scribner with is mother, Angela Scribner and her husband, Troy Scribner
Marcus Scribner with his mother, Angela Scribner, and her husband, Troy Scribner

Marcus’ mother is Angela Scribner.

Unfortunately, there are no details about her that have been made public. Moreover, sources say that she is of mixed race.

Other than that information, Angela Scribner’s personal information is unknown.

Furthermore, she also does not seem to have any social media pages. In addition, Marcus also does not post much about his mother.

Marcus Scribner’s Siblings

Image of Marcus Scribner with his sister, Athena Scribner
Scribner with his sister, Athena Scribner

The star has one sister whose name is Athena. Moreover, she was born on June 15th, possibly in 2003.

The actor tweeted photos of him and his sister on her birthday last 2018, wherein she turned 15.

Athena is currently about 18 years old, and she is in high school.

Furthermore, the Scribner siblings’ names come from Greek and Roman mythology. His sister’s name is from the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and Battle Strategy, Athena.

Even their father’s name is derived from the Greek city Troy.

Marcus Scribner’s Wikipedia – info 

Full Name

Marcus Scribner

Date of Birth

January 7, 2000



Age (2022)

22 years old


Troy Scribner and Angela


Athena Scribner

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