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Marjorie Harvey Parents: Doris Bridges, Siblings

Image of Marjorie Harvey

She is known for her trendy and fabulous getups on her social media posts. Marjorie Harvey is an icon when it comes to the latest fashion trends.
She is also quite the star for her social media accounts.

Her Instagram alone has over 2.5 million followers talking about being famous. She is also known to be the very supportive and ever-loving wife of comedian and TV host Steve Harvey.

Looking at her Instagram posts, the star lives the best life we could only dream of having. Jet skis while hopping from island to island while interacting with various marine life.

Not to mention her varying outfits that elude the word expensive, all in bold and capital letters. She and her husband Steve also share that infectious smile. Together, they light up the room with positivity, joy, and love.

Do you want to know who the parents of celebrity Marjorie Harvey are? Does the fashion icon have any other siblings? Learn more about her family by reading the article below.

Marjorie Harvey’s Parents’ Love Life


Steve Harvey’s wife is the product of the love and affection of Doris Bridges and her husband’s long-time relationship.

The couple is not open when discussing their private lives in public.

Despite this, they have grown accustomed to their daughter’s attention in their daily lives.

Moreover, the couple is believed to have tied the knot on July 17, 1961.

We are still searching for more information about the star’s parents, and we’ll update this article if new info comes up.

Marjorie Harvey’s Father Biography

Image of Marjorie Harvey with her father and mother, Doris Bridges
Marjorie Harvey with her father and mother, Doris Bridges

Not much is known about the celebrity’s father. Even his husband Doris does not mention his name in posts and appearances.

However, it is believed that Marjorie got her brownish tan from her father.

He is suspected to be of African American descent. More information about him will be updated in this article when the family discloses it.

Marjorie Harvey’s Mother, Doris Bridges Biography

Doris is caucasian by blood. She is the loving mother of Instagram icon Marjorie Harvey.

Several posts on the celebrity’s social media account display her affection toward her mother.

In a post on February 10, 2022, she surprised her mother by flying through her house for her 80th birthday.

Marjorie Harvey’s Siblings

Doris and her husband are believed to have two children. Marjorie has a brother whose name is yet to be known. Their love blossomed into something beautiful and created a strong bond within their family.

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