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Mark-Paul Gosselaar: Paula Van Den Brink, Hans Gosselaar, Siblings.

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Image or Mark Paul Gosselaar

One can never go wrong with 90s heartthrobs, and Mark-Paul Gosselaar is one of them. Moreover, he is famous for playing the character Zack Morris. Girls fell in love with his gorgeous looks and charming smile.

Keep on scrolling and learn about Mark-Paul’s parents, Paula Van Den Brink and Hans Gosselaar. Because of his good looks, supporters are curious about where he got his eyes. Are you interested too?

Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s Parents Love Life.

Image of Mark Paul Gosselaar
Mark Paul Gosselaar, an American actor.

Mark Paul Gosselaar’s parents are Paula Van Den Brink and Hans Gosselaar.

Unfortunately, the love story between Paula and Hans is not available anywhere, even online. Moreover, according to reports, the couple divorced shortly after Paula gave birth to the Save By The Bell actor.

Furthermore, there are no available scoops about why Hans and Paula decided to get here in separate ways.

Hans and Paula’s whereabouts are not available at the moment. No one knows whether or not they became good friends or are already with other people.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s Father Hans Gosselaar Biography

Hans Gosselaar was born in Netherlands. Moreover, he was born in 1933. Unfortunately, his birth date is not available. Furthermore, he was born to parents Aron Gosselaar and Ida Ferdinande Kosel.

Aron Gosselaar was born on March 29, 1904, while Ida was born on March 17, 1908. Particularly in Anheuser-Busch. Moreover, Hans in German and Dutch. Hans is a former supervisor for a plant in the Netherlands.

Furthermore, he used to be the husband of Paula Gosselaar; however, they got a divorce. Additionally, Mark-Paul takes after his father when it comes to his charm.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s Mother Paula Van Den Brink

Image of Mark Paul Gosselaar with his mother, Paula Van Den Brink
Mark Paul Gosselaar with his mother, Paula Van Den Brink

Mark-Paul’s mother is Paula Van Den Brink. Moreover, Paula is of Dutch and Indonesian descent.

Furthermore, She has beautiful tanned skin and striking eyes; no wonder Hans fell for her. Paula is a former KLM Airlines flight attendant. The woman was also a homemaker. Unfortunately, there is no more available information about her.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s Siblings

Image of Mark Paul Gosslaar's brother, Mike Gosselaar
Mark Paul Gosselaar’s brother, Mike Gosselaar

Mark-Paul has three siblings. Moreover, his older brother is Mike. Meanwhile, he also has three sisters, Sylvia and Linda.

Out of all of his siblings, only Mike is publicly known. Mike Gosselaar has a hobby for motorcycles. Moreover, he also won the American Motorcyclist Association Supercross and Motorcross national titles,

Unfortunately, there is no available information about Mark’s two other siblings. Moreover, it seems like the ladies plan to keep things private.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s Wikipedia – info 

Full NameMark-Paul Gosselaar
Date of BirthMarch 1, 1974
Age (2022)47 years old
ParentsPaula Van Den Brink and Hans Gosselaar


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