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Matilda Lawler: Matthew Lawler, Mara Lawler, Siblings

Image of Matilda Lawler

A rising actress has been known for her roles in different shows on television since she was 13 years old. Matilda Lawler is a child actress that appeared in the 2021 action-adventure fantasy and family drama film entitled Flora and Ulysses.

She has also become a cast on the American apocalyptic fiction show known as Station Eleven on HBO Max.

She started her career in 2018 and is still an active actress looking to have her big break.

The young star has our whole life ahead of her since she has appeared in various films and shows before. Matilda is sure to be an up-and-coming actress at a very young age.

Do you want to know who the parents of child actress Matilda Lawler are? Does she have any other siblings? Learn more about her family by reading the article below.

Matilda Lawler’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Matilda Lawler

Matilda Lawler s an American actress. She is best known for starring roles in the film Flora & Ulysses and the HBO Max miniseries Station Eleven.

Not much is known about Matilda’s parent’s love life; however, it is evident that they raised a good kid in her.

The couple is raising their kid to be a talented individual in Hollywood. Their love blossomed, and they created Matilda in September of 2008.

Even though there is little information available about the two’s love life, it can be said that it is sure to be a good one.

Matilda Lawler’s Father Matthew Lawler Biography

The father figure in Matilda’s life is Matthew Lawler. There is very little data about him available on the Internet.

But judging by his daughter’s personality and attitude, he is an amazing father.

He served as an inspiration for the child actress since he has been off and on in the theater. And has also gained quite an audience for his appearance on ABC’s The Family.

We are currently scouring the Internet For more information regarding his personal life. We will update the article as soon as new data is available.

Matilda Lawler’s Mother, Mara Lawler Biography

Matilda’s talent in acting may have come from her father; however, her exuberant aura may have come from her mother.

Mara Lawler is a proud parent of the Flora and Ulysses star. Just like her husband, there is little information that can be found about her personal life.

As of the moment, we are searching for more information about her. We will then update this article as soon as fresher data comes up.


Despite Matilda’s parents’ overflowing passion and affection for each other, she might be the only child that they have right now.

However, since they have an undying love for one another, only time will tell if they’ll have another kid.

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