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Maxwell Simkins Parents: John Simkins, Hilary Simkins, Siblings

Image of Maxwell Simkins

A promising young actor appeared in several kids’ shows and films before. Maxwell Brooke Simkins, better known by his name Maxwell Simkins, is a child actor hoping to have his big break in Hollywood.

His passion when it comes to acting came at an early age. At only six years old, his parents devised plenty of methods to channel the young actor’s inner creativity and imagination.

His acting career started in 2014 as part of a drama movie, And So It Goes. He is currently 15 years old, turning 16 on October 17th, 2022.

It seems as if the kid has a bright future waiting for him.

Only time will tell if Maxwell and his family will continue the momentum of his acting career.

Curious about who the parents of Maxwell Simkins are? Does he have any other siblings? Learn more about his personal life and family by reading the article below.

Maxwell Simkins’ Parents’ Love Life

Image of Maxwell Simkins
Maxwell Simkins is an actor and rapper from Pennsylvania, United States

Maxwell is a product of the love of John and Hilary Simkins. Although little is known about the couple’s love stories, they raised an amazing boy.

Maxwell began diving deep into the acting industry at a very young age.

His parents want him to be a promising performer and star. They started to invest in their kid’s acting career by helping him grow end nurture his talent.

It is not confirmed how and when Maxwell’s parents met; however, it is sure to be a fantastic story to tell.

Maxwell Simkins’ Father John Simkins Biography

Image of Maxwell Simkins with his father, John Simkins
Maxwell Simkins with his father, John Simkins

John is the father figure in the life of the child actor. Along with his wife, he has raised Maxwell to achieve greater heights.

They believe and hope that their kid will be a remarkable acting figure in Hollywood.

However, little to no information is available regarding John’s personal life. We’re currently searching for more updated data on the actor’s father’s life. Maxwell Simkins’ Mother, Hilary Simkins Biography

Together with John, Max was raised by his very loving and caring mother, Hilary Simkins. Despite the lack of information on Hilary’s personal life, she is a fantastic parent to the young boy.

Based on the personality and character of Maxwell, Hillary is doing a great job when it comes to raising him.

Maxwell Simkins’ Siblings

John and Hilary’s love resulted in the actor’s birth and his younger brother named Oscar Simkins.

There is not much available information about his brother’s personal life; however, he sure has the same personality as Maxwell.

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