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Maya Brady’s Parents: Maureen Brady, Brian Timmons, Siblings

Image of Maya Brady

Maya Brady is the daughter of Brian Timmons and Maureen Brady. She is a professional softball player who joined the UCLA Bruins in 2021. Maya was thrust into the spotlight for being related to Tom Brady.

He is not only a former professional football player but also her uncle. Maya was born in California and attended Oaks Christian high. This is where she’d become a two-time softball MVP.

Other than sports, some sources say that she also works as a nurse. Her parents, Maureen and Brian Timmons are the subjects of our review.

Maya Brady’s parents’ love life.

Maureen Brady and Brian Timmons met at the Superbowl back in 1996. Right from the on-set, they liked each other, becoming fast friends because of their love for the game.

One date turned into two, and soon after, they made things official. Sadly, their relationship only lasted about 14 years before they went their separate ways on the 7th of August 2010.

Their divorce was filed at San Mateo County Superior Court’s jurisdiction. Moreover, one of the judges overseeing the case was Franchi Don R.

Maya Brady’s mother, Maureen Brady

Image of Hannah Brady with her mother, Maureen Brady, and sister, Hannah Brady
Hannah Brady with her mother, Maureen Brady, and sister, Hannah Brady

Maureen Brady is also a former athlete who played as a pitcher for Fresno State. Her biography shows that she grew up with Hanna and Tom Brady with two other siblings.

Like the rest of her siblings, Maureen was quite athletic. Presently, Maureen continues to be a doting mother who pushes her daughter to be the very best.

Maya Brady’s Father Brian Timmons

Brady Timmons, who is Maya’s biological father, is a lawyer. His biography shows that Brady works as an attorney at the Global Head of Complex LitigationHe is employed by a man named Quinn Emmanuel. Though he is not as athletically inclined as his daughter and ex-wife, Brady still gets on well with his daughter.

Over the years, he’d go to multiple games, cheering his daughter as any proud parent would. Despite the split from Maureen, the two did their best to co-parent. The result is that Maya grew up to be a remarkable child and an equally talented athlete. Presently, we have no news regarding his personal life.

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